9:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Course #
PPHA 32300
Fall 2022

COURSE GOALS: Both PPHA 32300 (Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy I) and PPHA 32310 (Advanced Microeconomics and Public Policy I) serve as the first course in a two-quarter sequence in microeconomic theory. They both cover consumer choice, market equilibrium, and introduction to the theory of the firm. The difference between the courses is in the level of economic background required, and the time spent examining applications of micro theory. 

PPHA 32300 (Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy I) does not require prior training in economics, although prior courses will be helpful. PPHA 32300 provides a careful and rigorous presentation of the foundations of microeconomics. Applications will be discussed in tandem with the course material (examples might be discussion of minimum wages, labor supply and taxes, fixed costs and licensing restrictions with taxis and Uber) but the primary focus is on the tools and techniques of microeconomics and price theory.

PPHA 32310 (Advanced Microeconomics and Public Policy I) requires a strong economics background (an economics major or equivalent). The course still covers the fundamental issues of consumer theory and preferences, equilibrium, and some theory of the firm, but the course goals will be to two-fold: first to develop the foundational topics in greater depth; second to examine applications - examples might include the theory of unemployment; asymmetric information; capital markets and human capital investments; self-selection (the Roy model)


Harris core course; Non-Harris students must receive consent to enroll. May not go over enrollment cap for non-Harris students even with consent.