Diverse Student Body

Harris students come from all over the world and represent diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, socioeconomic background, and social and political belief, and more. 

Currently, Harris students:

  • Represent 46 countries and 29 U.S. states
  • Speak 49 languages 
  • 28% percent of the incoming class of U.S. students in the fall of 2023 come from under-represented populations

Meet Our Students & Alumni

Our students bring a variety of experiences and expertise to Harris Public Policy. Read about their stories:

Watch our video series of students' experiences.

Student Organizations at Harris

Harris has more than 30 student organizations, including many geared toward students of color, women, and international students.

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Minorities in Public Policy Studies (MiPPS)

Minorities in Public Policy Studies (MiPPS)

Minorities in Public Policy Studies (MiPPS) raises awareness about policy issues related to minority students at Harris Public Policy. MiPPS also works to increase the number of minorities at Harris Public Policy and to promote civic participation within Harris, the University of Chicago and the greater community.

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Black Action in Public Policy Studies (BAPPS)

Black Action in Public Policy Studies (BAPPS)

Black Action in Public Policy Studies (BAPPS) dedicates itself to centering the experiences and needs of Black people through policy from a Black feminist lens. BAPPS hosts policy-based events centered around Black experiences, engages in acts of service in Chicago, and provides professional networking opportunities.



OUTPolitik (OUT-pohl-eh-TEEK) is Harris Public Policy's student organization for LGBTQ-identified students and allies committed to fostering a community of future policy professionals interested in issues affecting the LGBTQ community.

Latin American Matters
Latin American Matters

Latin American Matters

Latin American Matters promotes the discussion and better understanding of economic, social and political issues in Latin American countries through a public policy approach.

Kinda, Sorta, Brown Podcast

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Kinda Sorta Brown podcast

Produced by Harris students, the podcast Kinda, Sorta, Brown is a conversational deep dive into how intersectional identities influence a variety of policy areas. The show discusses issues like climate change, student activism, and discrimination in a way that connects data to the personal narratives of those working in these spaces.

Partner Organizations with Harris

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Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA)

PPIA Program

The Public Policy and International Affairs Program (PPIA) works to promote the inclusion and full participation of underrepresented groups in public service and to advance their leadership roles throughout civic institutions serving domestic and international affairs. 

Harris Public Policy recently hosted PPIA students during their visit to Chicago.

Harris Public Policy also partners with the following organizations:

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