Jim Leitzel, Senior Lecturer and Executive Director

Headshot of Jim Leitzel
Jim Leitzel

Jim Leitzel teaches the following courses:

  • PBPL 22200 Public Policy Analysis
  • PBPL 28605 Economics Analysis of Law
  • PBPL 28805 Behavioral Economics and 




Wioletta Dziuda, Associate Professor and Faculty Director of Undergraduate Studies

Headshot of Wioletta Dzuida
Wioletta Dzuida

Wioletta Dziuda teaches the following courses:

  • PPHA 30800 Analytical Politics I: Strategic Foundations






Chad Broughton, Instructional Professor, Social Sciences Collegiate Division

Headshot of Chad Broughton
Chad Broughton

Chad Broughton teaches the following courses, among others:

  • PBPL 24901 Trade, Development, and Poverty in Mexico
  • PBPL 26304 Practicum: Interview Project on Policing
  • PBPL 25860 Crime, Justice & Inequality in the American City

Headshot of Maria Angélica Bautista
Maria Angélica Bautista

Maria Angélica Bautista, Assistant Professor, BA Thesis Faculty Lead

Maria Angélica Bautista teaches the following courses:

  • PBPL 28488 Politics and Public Policy in Latin America
  • PBPL 28498 Women, Development and Politics
  • PBPL 29800 BA Seminar (faculty lead)

Milvia Rodriguez smiling in a black shirt and colorful scarf
Milvia Rodriguez

Program Administrator

Milvia Rodriguez,
Program Administrator

Milvia Rodriguez is the primary contact for students.

Questions? Email Milvia with any questions related to the program.