Jim Leitzel, Senior Lecturer and Executive Director

Headshot of Jim Leitzel
Jim Leitzel

Jim Leitzel teaches the following courses:

  • PBPL 22200 Public Policy Analysis
  • PBPL 28605 Economics Analysis of Law
  • PBPL 28805 Behavioral Economics and 




Wioletta Dziuda, Associate Professor and Faculty Director of Undergraduate Studies

Headshot of Wioletta Dzuida
Wioletta Dzuida

Wioletta Dziuda teaches the following courses:

  • PPHA 30800 Analytical Politics I: Strategic Foundations






Chad Broughton, Instructional Professor, Social Sciences Collegiate Division

Headshot of Chad Broughton
Chad Broughton

Chad Broughton teaches the following courses, among others:

  • PBPL 24901 Trade, Development, and Poverty in Mexico
  • PBPL 26304 Practicum: Interview Project on Policing
  • PBPL 25860 Crime, Justice & Inequality in the American City

Headshot of Maria Angélica Bautista
Maria Angélica Bautista

Maria Angélica Bautista, Assistant Professor, BA Thesis Faculty Lead

Maria Angélica Bautista teaches the following courses:

  • PBPL 28488 Politics and Public Policy in Latin America
  • PBPL 28498 Women, Development and Politics
  • PBPL 29800 BA Seminar (faculty lead)

Karlyn Gorski
Karlyn Gorski

Karlyn Gorski, PhD, Assistant Instructional Professor

Karlyn Gorski teaches the following courses:

  • PBPL 22300 Policy Implementation
  • PBPL 29500 BA Capstone Project
  • PBPL 26303 Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Urban Education

Program Administrator

Milvia Rodriguez smiling in a black shirt and colorful scarf
Milvia Rodriguez

Milvia Rodriguez,
Program Administrator

Milvia Rodriguez is the primary contact for students.

Questions? Email Milvia with any questions related to the program.