Student Affairs Team

The Dean of Students Office at Harris is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your time at Harris. We do this through building community among students, providing holistic advising, creating impactful learning opportunities outside the classroom, creating academic support resources, advocating for students, creating informational resources, and providing encouragement and support for all of our students. 

Our Mission

The Harris Dean of Students Office fosters a robust and inclusive community of aspiring policy leaders through the cultivation of a transformational learning environment and developmental co-curricular experiences.

Our Vision

To continually build expertise in all aspects of the Harris experience in an effort to best educate and guide our students.

To be a thought leader in graduate student affairs and the premier place to work at the University of Chicago and among policy schools.

Our Values and Norms

Holistic Development

  • Provide comprehensive advising with a focus on student success

  • Facilitate the transition of students into the academic, cultural, and social climate of Harris

  • Create programmatic opportunities outside of the classroom to supplement the Harris curriculum & prepare students for professional success

  • Ensure that all co-curricular programming has intentional learning outcomes

Inquiry & Advocacy

  • Create opportunities for assessment and student input

  • Advocate to Harris leadership on behalf of students

  • Facilitate connection between students and external offices

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Value and support the diversity of identities and beliefs of the Harris community

  • Foster a community where all students feel welcome, valued, and able to succeed

Accessibility & Responsiveness

  • Interact with students cheerfully and respectfully

  • Seek opportunities to proactively interact with students in community spaces

  • Respond to email correspondence within one business day

Transparency & Fairness

  • Prioritize the whole of the student body

  • Ensure consistency in decision making

  • Share as much information as possible to allow students to make informed choices