Brian Fabes has built a career out of bridging divides. Now, as Senior Advisor, he is sharing that worldview at the Harris School of Public Policy, collaborating with faculty, staff, and partners – and helping students move “from policy to action.”
For the first time since the Harris Policy Labs program was established six years ago, a social policy-focused Policy Lab will be offered all three quarters.
“The data showed that even though Taliban violence was reduced, they were still present and had freedom of movement,” said Wright, an assistant professor at the Harris School of Public Policy. “They weren’t being beaten; they had chosen to withdraw.” 
In some Chicago neighborhoods young people are exposed to gun violence at rates almost 30 times higher than youths even a few blocks away—a dynamic that manifests itself in harms to mental health, emotional development, and academic engagement.
The University of Chicago and the Obama Foundation on September 7 announced a new cohort of University of Chicago Obama Foundation Scholars, comprising 12 emerging leaders.
Ambitious partnership designed and evaluated by University of Chicago Crime Lab and Inclusive Economy Lab shows promise with those most affected by gun violence.