The Doomsday Clock, housed at the Keller Center, is closer to midnight than ever before.
It's hard to empirically measure sexism with data, as it, in recent times, often hides underneath the surface. Without sexism being openly admitted, or even always conscious, Dan Black says there is what he calls a “mystery factor” of sexism in the data.
Lured by the prospect of inventing something entirely new and leaving her mark on U.S. housing policy, Kimberly C. Driggins, MPP'95, has taken her characteristic passion back to Washington, D.C.
On January 9, the Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) announced the 30 government and nonprofit leaders – representing the City of Chicago, Cook County, and citywide and community-based nonprofit organizations – selected for its 2020 class.
The Journal of Econometrics (JoE) has awarded the 2019 Dennis J. Aigner Award to Professor Bruce D. Meyer and Nikolas Mittag, PhD’13. The award recognizes the best paper in empirical economics published in the JoE in 2017 or 2018.
The Harris project opens on January 30 and offers a promising portal into a collective effort to unveil, explore, and learn from the ‘troubled’ landscape of a pivotal chapter in Chicago history.