Election Cyber Surge will develop a database of technologists willing to volunteer their time to advise state and local election officials and administrators on various cybersecurity issues.
Professor Christopher Berry and Associate Professor Anthony Fowler developed a new course, Government Responses to COVID-19, as a guided research project for students after the pandemic upended their plans to teach in Barcelona.
“Archives are not neutral,” Hearn said. “We are implementing a framework where we are centering people first, and an understanding that people are the ones who create the content. The content can’t be more important than the creator.”
As the country grapples with widespread racial unrest at unprecedented levels in the midst of a lingering pandemic, equitable, policy-driven solutions, the kind Contractor has championed in all chapters of his career, are essential.
In the City of Chicago, failing to purchase up-to-date city stickers for personal vehicles has contributed to tens of thousands of bankruptcies – and even thousands of transgenerational bankruptcies. How does this happen, and how can it be fixed?
The dramatic rise of populism in America, embodied in President Trump, presents a real threat to democracy. Our very own professor William Howell argues that the root of the problem lies with ineffective government.