Unique among top-tier policy schools, Harris Public Policy has offered the Mentor Program since the school’s inception.
A student and their mentor sitting at a table
Particpating students are paired with a mentor, many of whom are alumni.

Harris mentors, many of whom are alumni, call on their experience to help students connect academic training with practical opportunities and to navigate the transition to professional careers. Mentors have included elected officials, CEOs, executive directors, policy advocates, and other professionals who freely give their time and insight to the important task of nurturing our next generation of policy leaders.

A Unique Set of Experiences

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The Harris Public Policy Mentor Program offers a way for students and alumni to connect.

This award-winning program uses a multi-level structure that fosters meaningful connections between students and mentors and helps students build a powerful professional network. A two-year program, students benefit from events-based programming focused on professional development in their first year, followed by a one-on-one relationship with a mentor in their second year. 

Choose your involvement

Mentors can choose from a few levels of involvement, from participating and hosting affinity groups, to having a one-on-one relationship.

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Harris Mentor Program Recognized as the 2017 Outstanding Program by the American College Personnel Association

Harris Public Policy Mentor Program has been selected for the 2017 Outstanding Program Award by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Commission for Student Involvement