Widely replicated at other universities, our interdisciplinary workshops bring together students and faculty for ongoing and collaborative exchange of ideas around particular areas of interest. The debate and critique of ideas in workshops are a vital part of our students' education. They are also a forum for our students to present aspects of their proposal and dissertation research and a place to meet like-minded students from other disciplines. 

In addition to the academic importance of workshops, participation in a workshop series, which can include scheduled meetings as well as lunches, dinners and other social gatherings, provide an informal forum for students to develop close and supportive ties with their fellow students as well as faculty mentors and even guest faculty.

Harris Workshops

Affiliate Workshops

Harris Public Policy and its affiliated centers offer several academic workshops on a variety of policy-related topics. You can find the schedule of workshop sessions and related lunch series in the links below:

Ariel Kalil

Daniel Levin Professor

Ariel Kalil

Ariel Kalil is a Professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.