Welcome to Orientation

Our new student orientation experience seeks to ensure a smooth transition for new students in our Evening Master's Program and promote your academic and professional success.

Orientation will help prepare you for your first day of class, foster a sense of community, provide professional development opportunities, and ensure you have an understanding of the Harris curriculum, campus systems, and campus resources.

New Student Orientation

Detailed agenda will be provided on the Student Portal that is hosted on Canvas.

Quantitative Preparation

The Evening Master’s Program (EMP) is excited to partner with DiagKNOWstics to offer students a self-paced, online learning platform to prepare for the quantitative courses in the EMP. 

EMP DiagKNOWstics content has been thoughtfully prepared by Harris PhD Candidate and DiagKNOWstics co-founder Rohen Shah.

Prior to the first quarter of the program, students will complete their first module in DiagKNOWstics and brush up on basic statistical concepts. They will also get started in the statistical coding package “R”.   

Prior to the second quarter of the program, students will complete Module 2 in DiagKNOWstics and review alebraic concepts necessary for Microeconomics, such as systems of equations, multivariable equations, and functional notation.