The PhD Workshop meets on Fridays 2:00 - 3:20 p.m.

Spring 2022 Workshops

May 20

Haoran Gao "How China alienate the American business community?"

Danielle Nemschoff “Police Use of Force” 

May 27

Claire Fan “Household water access and the gender distribution of local economic gains”

Steve Kim "Inclusive Institutions: Too Much of a Good Thing? The Politics of State Capacity and Economic Growth"


Past Workshop Presenters

Autumn 2021 

Oct 11

Valerie Michelman:  "Sex, Drugs, and R&D:  Missing Innovation from Regulating Female Enrollment in Clinical Trials"

Oct 18

Derek Wu; “Certification and Recertification in Welfare Programs: What Happens when Automation Goes Wrong?”

Oct 25

Mariella Gonzales "Politics never end: Evidence from Transparency and Public Employment"

Nov 1

Chinmaya Kumar "Lending a Hand: Minority Leaders and Performance of Economic Enterprises in Rural India"

Nov 8

Diego Escobar "When Schools Do Not Like Students - Segregation and Learning Effects of Supply-Side Cream-Skimming"

Nov 15

Yuqi Song "The Value of Accurate Weather Forecasts: Social Sentiment Responses Reflected in Social Media in China"

Dec 6

Maria Martinez "Do birds of a feather flock together?  Immigration and School Sorting (with Diana Martinez from UCSD)"


Winter 2022 

Jan 10

Mythili Vinnakota "Natural Disasters and Local Firm Composition in the United States

Jan 24

Devika Lakhote "Identity-targeted place-based policy: evidence from India"

Laura Montenegro Helfer "Setting the foundations for Apartheid: Market Access and the rise of Afrikaner Identity"

Jan 31

Ruochen Yi "Ethnic partitioning at sub-national boarders and civil conflicts, evidence from Africa"

Feb 7 Angela Wyse "The Size and Census Coverage of the U.S. Homeless Population."
Feb 14

Scott Loring "Medicaid expansion and supply response" 

Feb 21

Terence Chau "Coerced Mexican Emigration in the 1930s: Effects on Local Economies & Assimilation"

Feb 28 Lucas Mation "Improving job training programs by eliciting employers' skill demand"
Mar 7

Goya Razavi "The Long-run Effects of School Quality”

Zhaosong (Victor) Ruan "Reform Strategies in Authoritarian Regimes"


Spring 2022 

Apr 1

Predrag Pandiloski "Building Interethnic Ties through Contact in Schools"

Apr 8

Rubina Hundal “Language of Violence: Female Labor Force Participation and Intimate Partner Violence in Indian Migrants”

Rohen Shah "Nudging or Nagging? Behavioral Approaches to Increasing Parent Reading and Child Literacy Skills"

Apr 15

Ari Anisfeld "Do large economic development projects cause economic development? Evidence from Casinos"

Emileigh Harrison "Race and Gender in Religious Curricula"

Apr 22

Daria Zelenina "The effect of China shock on American cities"

Kisoo Kim “Heterogeneous voter beliefs and electoral competition”

Apr 29

Yalun Su "Is High Billing Complexity Always Bad? Lessons Learned from 2015 Diagnosis Code Reform"

Afia Khan "Gender and Medical Discrimination: Evidence from Electronic Health Record Data"

May 6

José Miguel Pascual "Affirmative Action and Integration" 

Miguel Valenzuela “Title I achievement scores”

May 13

Daniel Sonnenstuhl "Exploring the Impact of Charismatic Christianity in Nigeria"

Ben Shaver “Political Communication with Fact Checking”