Presenting on Tuesday, March 28th, at 12:30pm and 1:10pm in Keller 0001

Rubina Hundal


Sona Badalyan



The PhD Workshop will meet from 12:30-1:50pm on Tuesdays in Keller 0001.

Apr 4

Alison Doxey

Michael McKelligott, "The American Public Bathhouse Movement and Urban Mortality"

Apr 11

Danielle Nemschoff

Rohen Shah

Apr 18

Yashaswi Mohanty

Sushant Banjara

Apr 25

Daria Zelenina

Angela Wyse

Apr 26


Carmen Villa Llera

Afia Khan

May 2

Felicity Zhang

Smrithi Ganapathi

May 9

Haoran Gao

Kisoo Kim

May 16

Steve Kim

Claire Fan

May 23

Daniel Sonnenstuhl

Brian Curran

Past Presenters

Oct 10

Justin Holz, "Minimum Wages and Racial Differences in Hiring: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment."

Oct 17

Mythili Vinnakota, "Levees: Infrastructure and Insurance as Adaptation to Flood Risk"

Oct 24

Terence Chau, "Public R&D and Spillovers: Evidence from NASA Patents”

Oct 31

Yuqi Song, "The Value of Weather Forecasts: Labor Responses to Accurate and Inaccurate Temperature Forecasts in China"

Nov 8

Laura Montenegro, "Forging the Nation of Apartheid: Market Access and the Rise of Afrikaner Identity"

Nov 14

Chinmaya Kumar, "Complaint Resolution Systems: Experimental Evidence from Rural India"

Nov 28

Maria Adelaida Martinez Cabrera, "How Does Immigration Affect Incumbent Students? Evidence from Venezuelan Migration to Peru"

Dec 5

Diego Escobar Salce, "When Schools Do Not Like Students: Direct and Spillover Effects of Cream-Skimming"

Jan 17

Ruochen Yi, "Promotion of Chinese mid-level officials"

Jan 24

Ari Anisfeld, "Common Language and Integration in Inte-ethnic Networks: A field experiment in Macedonian schools"

Jan 24

Predrag Pandiloski, "Social Learning in Segregated Networks"

Jan 31

Lucas Mation, "Intergenerational Mobility in Brazil"

Feb 7

Maya Lozinski, "Technological Innovation and the Organization of Expert Work"

Feb 14

Scott Loring, "Healthcare labor response to Medicaid expansion"

Feb 21

Jose Miguel Pascual Moreno, "Bargaining and Redistribution at the Firm".

Feb 21

Goya Razavi, "Affirmative Action Policies and Efficiency"

Feb 28

Emileigh Harrison, "Supply Side Response to Free Community College"

Feb 28

Devika Lakohte, "Effects of infrastructure investment on medium-term development: nationwide evidence from India"

Mar 7 Yalun Su, "Does Refined Diagnosis Information Matter? Evidence from Provider Responses to ICD-10 Transition"