Harris Public Policy brings an exacting, data-driven perspective to the full spectrum of policy issues facing our world. Whichever area is your passion, Harris has the academic and career resources that guide you toward impact in your field.

Below are just a few of the many areas in which our faculty and students specialize at Harris:

  • Child and Family Policy
  • Cultural Policy
  • Economic Policy and Public Finance
  • Education Policy
  • Energy, Environmental, and Science Policy
  • Global Conflict 
  • Health Policy
  • International Development and Policy 
  • Labor Economics
  • Municipal Finance
  • Political Economy, Politics and the Policymaking Process
  • Program Evaluation and Methods of Policy Analysis
  • Social Policy and Inequality
  • Urban Policy

Not seeing your area of policy interest here? Browse our degree programs, faculty directory, course list, or contact the Admissions team to learn more about everything the Harris Public Policy academic experience can offer you. 


Do Americans Support Democracy As Much As They Say?

what force could act as a check on these increasing anti-democratic tendencies in American political life? Milan Svolik, Prof. of Political Science at Yale, holds some answers.
Ryan Kellogg photo

Professor and Deputy Dean for Academic Programs

Ryan Kellogg

Ryan Kellogg's research bridges industrial organization, energy economics, and environmental policy, focusing on the economics of resource extraction and on the transportation sector.