Graduate school is an investment. At Harris Public Policy, we are committed to helping you finance your degree. Financial obligations can be met through scholarships and fellowships as well as traditional financial aid. 

The total cost of attending Harris is comprised of tuition, fees, and living expenses. Tuition, fees, and health insurance are billed every quarter a student is enrolled. An estimate of the quarterly and annual costs is below.


Tuition rates and student fees for the current academic year are detailed on the Office of the Bursar website. Tuition is subject to an estimated 3 to 5 percent increase from year to year.

For Master’s students, the tuition rate is based on the number of classes taken each quarter. Full-time students take three courses each term. Evening Master's Program students take 2.25 courses per term.

For PhD students, the tuition rate is based on year of residency.


Student life fees are charged to students each quarter in the Master’s and PhD programs based on the Hyde Park campus. These fees cover many services dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life and campus activities, and are used to provide and promote educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and services for all students throughout the year. More details about various student life fees can be found on the Office of the Bursar website.

Students in the Evening Master’s Program are not assessed the student life fee.

Please note: Students will also be charged a one-time transcript fee in their first quarter which allows them to request an unlimited number of official transcripts throughout their lifetime. The fee is set at $75. You can review a complete list of one time and occasional fees on the Office of the Bursar website.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance. Students can opt to purchase health insurance through the University, or opt out and purchase other coverage.

Full-time students will need to opt out of coverage if they wish to use other insurance. Evening Master's Program students must proactively opt-in if they wish to have UChicago health insurance.


Tuition, student life fees, and insurance are paid each quarter. UChicago expects tuition and fees to be paid in full before the start of classes each quarter. Most Harris students are enrolled during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Living Expenses

The actual cost of living (housing, food, and other expenses) will vary student-to-student. The University of Chicago uses one standard cost of living estimate for all graduate students. This rate is also the rate used for federal student loans and by Office of International Affairs for visa purposes. Please note that international students must use the 12-month rate.


Roger Myerson

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Roger Myerson

Roger Myerson is the David L.