In addition to our 15 research centers and numerous affiliated centers that serve as catalysts for research and engagement with the policy community around the world, we have several international partnerships with global academic and policy organizations.

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Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Instituto de Desenvolvimento Educacional

Provides Brazilian MBA students with a weeklong capstone experience in Chicago focused on studying cutting-edge public policy topics from diverse UChicago faculty and speakers.


Teach for China (Beijing Lead Foundation)

Active partnership with Teach for China (TFC) to encourage teaching fellows to apply for the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program as they start their two-year service. Admitted candidates from TFC will then be eligible to defer enrollment for two years so that they finish their two year service.

Peking University 

Active partnership with Peking University to jointly run various non-degree credential programs with faculty from UChicago and Peking University, such as the International Policy Action Lab, and the Monetary Policy and International Finance Program. Interested applicants can email for more information.


India School of Public Policy 

The Harris School of Public Policy and the Indian School of Public Policy offer ISPP students the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Participation in Public Policy and International Development. The program’s curriculum includes a series of workshops and lectures, organized by The University of Chicago Harris School Public Policy, to be held at ISPP and conducted by faculty, practitioners, and other experts connected to the University of Chicago. There will be a total of 10 lectures throughout the year and will cover a range of topics from environmental policy, gender rights, and conflict resolution. 

The Harris School of Public Policy also offers Anubhav Lecture Series, South Asia in collaboration with ISPP. Anubhav is a first of its kind initiative to bring together grassroots leaders (with 2+ years of experience) across South Asia to support and nurture them in increasing the scope and sustainability of their social impact. This is a fully funded program with a set of lectures delivered by professionals and alumni of Harris School working in the policy and development space. 

Krea University 

For the Summer 2022 program, up to 8-10 undergraduate students at Krea University nominated by Krea will participate in the Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program at the Harris School of Public Policy at UChicago. Applications from Krea University will undergo an initial screening process after which they become the nominated students. The nominated students will then undergo the selection process by the UChicago Team. The decision to accept students will be based on the standards set by the Harris School of Public Policy.  Harris will provide partial merit-based scholarship for every participating student at Krea, based on the strength of their application.  


Ministry of Finance 

Active partnership with the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia  for degree-seeking student recruitment and programming. 

Bank of Indonesia 

Active partnership with the Bank of Indonesia  for degree-seeking student recruitment and programming. 


Central Ministries 

Active partnership with various central ministries in Japan to recruit degree-seeking students such as from the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.

Find more information about our partnership with Central Ministries.

Keio University 

Broad collaboration with Keio University for student recruitment (degree and non-degree programs) and programming. 


National Council for Science and Technology of the United Mexican States (CONACYT) 

Jointly funded graduate fellowships for Mexican students who are admitted into the MPP, MSCAPP or PhD programs at Harris. Please email for more details.            


Myanmar Scholars and Leaders Program (Burmese American Community Institute)

The Myanmar Scholars and Leaders Program (MSLP) is a scholarship program to train and support the next generation of leaders and scholars, from a pool of diverse and promising young leaders in Myanmar to develop strong technical expertise, analytical skills and leadership skills needed to assume inclusive leadership responsibilities in various ministries, departments, and sectors in Myanmar and beyond. 

Learn more about the MSLP program.


Universidad Del Pacifico 

Broad collaboration with Universidad Del Pacifico for student recruitment (degree and non-degree programs) and programming. 

Ministry of Education (PRONABEC) 

The PRONABEC BECA Presidente scholarship provides funding to Peruvians seeking graduate studies at top universities around the world. 

Learn more about PRONABEC.

South Korea

Yonsei University 

Collaborative dual degree program in which participating students may graduate with a MA in public policy degree in public policy from Harris and a master’s in International Studies from Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies.


International Staff Engagement Program

The International Staff Engagement Program offers a deep-dive view into the mechanisms and people contributing to the advancement of UChicago, and is designed as a communal learning journey to develop innovative and effective leadership and administrative practices and program development within your organization. The program is by invitation only, and interested organizations can fill out the form to apply. 

Explore all the international programs offered across campus.

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Luis Martinez

Assistant Professor

Luis Martinez

Luis Martinez's research focuses on topics related to the political economy of development, particularly the relationship between taxation, accountability, and governance.