Taking action. Tracking progress.

Building a more diverse and inclusive environment requires clear goals, sustained action, and accountability for progress. Harris’ commitment and approach recognize that our work in diversity and inclusion requires ongoing dedication, investment, evaluation, and improvement.

Launched ahead of the 2020-2021 academic year, Harris’ D&I Roadmap represents our commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive school across every facet of our mission. It is a “living plan” that we will continue to augment and extend.

We invite you to learn more about our roadmap, current action steps, and progress, as well the findings of past surveys and reports that inform this effort and our work today.


As part of our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive climate and in recognition of the substantial work that we need to do, Dean Katherine Baicker charged Harris’ Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (DIAB) in late 2017 with developing a concrete set of recommendations.

Harris conducted its first-ever student Climate Survey during the 2017-2018 academic year and held a series of feedback sessions with students, faculty, and staff as critical inputs to inform immediate actions and the development of a longer-range school-wide diversity and inclusion plan. The DIAB released its recommendations in the fall of 2019 (Diversity and Inclusion Review and Recomendations, PDF, 16 pages, 650 KB), and Harris established a school-wide position for a director of diversity and inclusion.

Harris’ D&I Roadmap is the result of these efforts. The roadmap represents our plan for creating a more diverse and inclusive school community. It consists of school-wide goals, concrete action steps, and a framework for ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and oversight.

The Harris D&I Roadmap seeks to cultivate a climate of inclusivity and institutional accountability in which people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are welcome and can be successful in advancing their research, education, and impact in the world.

Focus Areas & Action Steps

Harris Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap describing the four focus areas.


Our action steps in support of this goal are grouped into four focus areas:

  • Foundational Infrastructure: Invest in the infrastructure to build, measure, and communicate a school-wide diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • Diverse School: Increase the diversity of our faculty, other academic appointees, student body, and staff.
  • Inclusive Classroom: Build an inclusive learning environment that supports the needs of all students.
  • Engaged Community: Foster a culture of full participation, shared responsibility, and high engagement in diversity and inclusion for all members of our community.

As a school dedicated to evidence-based policy, we have coupled these steps with output measures so that we can hold ourselves accountable for progress towards our goals. The Dean’s Office, in consultation with the DIAB and input from the Harris community, will review and update the action steps annually, with the expectation that this will be an evolving plan.

Progress & Reports

We invite you to read more about progress in each of our focus areas below.

You can also download the D&I Roadmap Implementation Plan (PDF, 11 pages, 200 KB) which includes all action steps, responsible units, and related time-frames.