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At the second annual Chicago Digital Government Summit, Gypalo, who is Cook County's inaugural Chief Data Officer, spoke on lessons to remember when developing a data management system.
Gates' sculptural exhibition is on display at Richard Gray Gallery (2044 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL) until June 29.
Indiana journalist Ernie Pyle evolved over time in his coverage of World War Two as he began to acknowledge the materiality of the death toll of each battle. His columns on the D-Day landings show this transformation in his journalistic perspective.
Funding is necessary to maintain the state of a major shipping port on Lake Michigan, and recent funding is helpful but not sufficient to support the necessary repairs.
Although the Rebuild Illinois proposal increases efficiency through the principal of "user pays" for public services which provide a clear private benefit, it does not adequately generate revenue for the state, relying heavily on borrowing.
The event and its speakers were covered by campus and city-wide media, along with more distant sources.