In the News

Oxtoby & Yablonka were featured in the Chicago Booth Review discussing how economic inequality—particularly the racial wealth gap—poses a major threat to US corporations.
On March 4th, 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci attended a virtual event to accept the 2021 Harris Dean's Award.
Harris Public Policy MPP'04 Alum Milda Aksamitauskas was featured in Apolitical discussing the ethics and effects of assigning race on forms
Harris Public Policy Professor Roger Myerson wrote an op-ed featured in The Hill discussing how lessons we have learned from statebuilding in foreign nations now needs to be applied at home in the U.S.
Government is responsible for some of the opioid crisis, Philipson writes.
Harris Public Policy Professor James Robinson's book "The Narrow Corridor: States, Society, and the Fate of Liberty" was featured by Five Books as one of the best political books of 2020.