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Discussions about climate change often lack reminders of the consensus between economists that pricing carbon is the best public policy solution to the global energy challenge. Studying Milton Friedman emphasizes this consensus.
Verónica Herrero, CLA alumna, will serve on the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
Daniels writes to University recruiters in the U.S. asking them to travel beyond China to recruit international students in light of the recent political climate.
His research suggests that mobile voting could be a way to reduce inequities in access to voting. The mobile app used in the study requires two forms of biometric verification at each step, yet paper ballots are more secure than any electronic system.
African-Americans who served in the Obama administration, such as Jowers, share both a message of disgust for how the current administration wields racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism, and a call for readers to confront these issues directly.
The study Dean Baicker references occurred over a decade in Massachusetts and found that the result of these incentives is smaller increases in healthcare spending, as well as better-quality care.