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As research by Associate Professor Damon Jones shows, workplace wellness programs don’t work well. Learn why some studies show otherwise.
The U.S. welfare programs have largely been a success, but partisans on both sides of the aisle fail to admit it.
Young mothers are less productive at work than their male counterparts and women without children, according to a new study of Danish workers by Professor Yana Gallen, a finding with important implications for gender-pay gaps.
Less than three weeks after Harvey Public Library District, Ill., officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for their multi-million-dollar library expansion in 2015, the SEC launched an investigation into the project's funding source.
Twenty-nine percent of American wives in dual-income marriages earn more than their husbands each year, but many married Americans are not willing to admit their true earnings – when the wife earns more.
Research by Professor Kerwin Charles finds that a median black man’s earnings today, relative to a median white man’s, is roughly the same as his father’s and grandfather’s.