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Despite an economic consensus on the importance of a carbon tax, cap-and-trade program, or another way to monetize carbon emissions, the United States government has yet to enact such a policy.
The estimate that the American economy could decrease by 10% by the end of the century due to climate change does not represent the bulk of the data.
In an article discussing Minnesota's finances, CMF Executive Director Michael Belsky weighs in on the principles of taxation.
The Obama Foundation Scholars program was recently featured in an article in the Chicago Maroon discussing a conversation between President Barack Obama and Dave Eggers at the Second Annual Obama Foundation Summit.
When states expand Medicaid coverage, it’s almost intrinsically linked to higher voter turnout, according to a new study published in November.
With all Cook County, Illinois, residential property reassessments now mailed out in Chicago, homeowners across the city are seeing dramatic changes in the estimated value that will be used to determine their property tax bill next year.