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Heckman spoke with the Governor at the invitation of Dr. Cathy Grace, who was then the co-director of the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning at Ole Miss.
India committed to a reduction of emissions progressively per rupee created in the economy. However, the growth in India's economy means this commitment would be satisfied by an increase in emissions.
Moderate Senate Republicans need to vote to convict Trump, which seems unlikely to occur. A number of Republicans did begin to oppose Nixon during his impeachment.
Meyer's research adds nuance to federal calculations of poverty levels, finding the national rate of poverty to be lower than its official estimate.
In Europe over 1480-1913, states led by women engaged in more inter-state wars than did states led by men. Research on female executives and conflict suggests modern implications, taking note of the current relative infrequency of hereditary rule.
To understand health care reform, consider the economic factors of supply and demand.