The Harris Mentor Program is a longstanding tradition which connects current Harris students with seasoned professional and policy practitioners.   These mentors help students connect their academic training to everyday applications and navigate their transition to professional careers. Hundreds of Harris students participate in the Mentor Program each year, and we believe that the connections made between mentors and mentees can be very rewarding.

How you can help

As a policy professional, you know how important career advice can be to a student. Mentors have an opportunity to form a substantial relationship with a Harris student and make a real impact on that student’s life and career. Mentors and students are matched based on career interests, geographic location, employment sector, goals, and personality.

As a mentor you would be matched one-to-one with a student in their final year at Harris who has an interest in your policy area, career history, geographic location, personal identity or affinity, or other matching factors. This commitment is flexible; meet with your student on a schedule that works for both of you, virtually or in-person depending on your circumstances. The program is designed to work in a way that fits both mentor and mentee needs and schedules. We do expect that mentors and mentees have a minimum of one touchpoint per month (whether phone, email, or meeting) for the duration of the academic year.

Being a mentor also provides the opportunity to connect with the other mentors in the program, a network of 200 public policy professionals at all career levels.

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