A passion for supporting others paired with the skills to dig deep into big social issues, Wilcox plans to impact policy at large.
Marianne Akumu, 33, began to study the conflict in Northern Uganda to understand why fighting in her country, which had been besieged by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), had continued for more than a decade.
Despite having an interest in the environment and ecology from a young age, Colette Ashley MPP’18, like many Americans, never gave much thought to where her food came from or the resources, such as land, energy, and water, that it takes to produce it.
Attending Harris Public Policy has encouraged González-Guerra to expand her community, question the world’s big issues, and apply her analytical toolkit to her future career in Mexico.
Twenty-nine year old Collins Dadzie has a goal of providing Ghanaians with fully accessible electricity.
Inspired by his time in the Marines, Matthew Dammrich enrolled in Harris’s one-year master’s program and found a community that is just as passionate as he is about serving others.