“I want to help companies meet their social responsibilities while developing skills to inform broader environmental policy.”
“Having a foundation in quantitative methodologies can really make a difference in one’s ability to contribute to an organization. We live in a world that is more and more data-driven, so these skills are becoming incredibly important.”
“I wanted a program where I could gain a high level of technical competency so I could communicate effectively with technologists. The MSCAPP is giving me that technical understanding along with the policy knowledge.”
"Limitations in public health are largely due to policy, so gaining an understanding of the policy elements will afford me the opportunity to steer change in the direction I think will benefit people.”
“The chance to make real change is what motivates me…Getting an opportunity to impact lives and make transformative changes that can help society is much bigger than me.”
“I want to use quantitative data analysis to ensure policy is effective, and Harris’ quantitative focus definitely resonated with me."