Olivia Glen-Rayner
“Urban policy interests me because it’s at the intersection of numerous issues: racial politics, gender issues, the climate crisis, transportation, housing, and healthcare.”
June Sewon
“My dream job is to research discrimination and inequality and teach students economics.”
 Ella Montgomery
"I’m fascinated by how individuals make decisions and how policy can be implemented to encourage choices that align with their personal well-being."
Chloe Viot
“While at Harris, I came to appreciate all things related to international security and realized that the future of security is cyber.”
Mike Hernández
“I came to UChicago with an open mind, and I followed my passions. I have enjoyed the ways in which UChicago has encouraged me to deviate from my own script."
Grisel Hernandez
“The DPSS program provided me with a structured approach to learning how to code in R and conduct statistical analyses, giving me a transferable technical skill set in an open-source software that I continue to use after the program.”