At the time VAWA was enacted, Michelle Garcia MPP ’05 was already participating in the arena of gender-based violence work across local, state and national levels, predominately in the field of sexual violence at rape crisis centers.
Chandra recommends incoming Harris students be open to trying new things. “When I came from India, I would often look for things that felt familiar. While that’s helpful, it’s also important to push yourself and try new things.”
Roy ultimately wants to help translate the science behind policy in ways that help the public—and lawmakers—understand and support those policies.
After she graduates in 2020, Koon plans to work hands-on with local communities on environmental issues.
When Darius Ballinger went looking for ways to advance his professional life, he did not have to look far from home to take advantage of the opportunities at the University of Chicago’s Civic Leadership Academy.
The MAIDP will help shape Lee’s assessment of difficult policy decisions related to national security and humanitarian assistance.