Calhoun is driven by seeing impact in the real world—seeing things that could be better, and then bringing people together to make those changes.
Schaffer is excited to enrich his lifelong interest in policy and government through courses at Harris—and to draw inspiration from the vibrancy of Chicago’s political environment.
As a Pearson Fellow, Anderson will be learning how to use data-driven strategies to predict when discord might intensify—and to create interventions to prevent conflicts from escalating into bloodshed.
Inspired by the work of her grandfather, Allendelagua aims to use the skills she will hone at Harris to aid marginalized communities and improve their inclusion in labor markets.
Chandra recommends incoming Harris students be open to trying new things. “When I came from India, I would often look for things that felt familiar. While that’s helpful, it’s also important to push yourself and try new things.”
Roy ultimately wants to help translate the science behind policy in ways that help the public—and lawmakers—understand and support those policies.