We recently sat down with newly appointed Harris Student Government (HSG) President, Randi Hall, to learn what made her run for office, what she’s hoping to accomplish, and how she spends her time outside of the classroom in the Windy City.
Outgoing student body president Sarah Boyle, also a second-year Pearson Fellow, reflects on her term, the accomplishments she’s most proud of, and her hopes for the next student administration.
When Gerardo de la Peña MPP’01 returned to Mexico after earning his degree from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, he was determined to improve the lives of his countrymen, stay connected to his school, and give back to others.
Zárate, Class of 2020, is pursuing an MS-CAPP degree at Harris Public Policy that combines two disciplines –computer science and public policy.
At Harris Public Policy, Harnett is earning her academic credentials, building her network, and gaining real-time experience doing work she loves.
She’s earning an MA in Public Policy at Harris to help her work toward a safer and more peaceful world.