“I want to do something where I can bring evidence-driven decision making to security or international development organizations because there is a big need for it.”
“As lending decisions become increasingly reliant on AI and algorithms, how we collect and analyze data will become incredibly important. Learning more about these methods and technologies will help me devise solutions to close racial gaps in lending."
“Harris's Policy Labs initially sparked my interest in consulting. Having that framework when trying to solve problems was something I realized I wanted to work on after I graduated from Harris.”
“The MPP/MBA community at UChicago pushes me to think about the world in different ways.”
“Portrayals of the past are all biased and subjective, so it all depends on who writes it. Political communication is one way of shaping history, which subsequently shapes our present politics.”
“Education is a fundamental human right. UNESCO reports that 36 million African girls have never set foot inside a school. I am going to change that dynamic.”