Roth’s interaction with the repercussions of education policy during the Illinois budget impasse steered him toward Harris.
Why does crime happen, and can systems be put in place so that it doesn’t? Pedro Gerson and his colleagues at The Bronx Defenders try to answer that question every day.
Mentor George Letavish helped Mentee Loren Hinkson explore options for after graduation through conversations about the intersection of technology and policy.
Edem Ossai, 35, works as an advocate for equal opportunity education rights in her home country, Nigeria. She prioritizes practical civic education and youth political inclusion, especially pertaining to how democratic governments should operate.
As he learns how best to transform the trajectory of young students’ lives and to show them that international success is possible, Ndambakuwa discovers how to harness the power of individual stories.
The suffering caused during the recovery from violence in Croatia led Mazic to work where he could further the causes of democracy-building and protecting the fundamental liberties which his fellow citizens had deprived from them.