A former special education teacher, Aviva Rosman decided to run for local school council – and learned more about democracy than she expected.
Growing up in a rural village in Panama, Juan Monterrey-Gómez, 26, didn’t understand what climate change meant as a young child. At that time, he didn’t know that every day, but he endured the impacts of climate change first hand.
From the slums of São Paolo to areas across Brazil, Thomaz Srougi is opening clinics and providing healthcare services – with a twist.
Once the wealthiest country in Latin America, Venezuela is now plagued by debt, hyper-inflation, social unrest, and a loss of hope. Richard Obuchi MPP'98 faces this reality every day, and he is focused on fixing it.
A medical doctor and entrepreneur, Bonaventure Dzekem, 29, is passionate about healthcare policy. 
Though the situation may look dire, advocates like Lea Crusey are struggling to provide every student with access to a quality education.