Harris collaborations influence public policy around the world.

Addressing today’s global, interconnected challenges—and reaping the opportunities—takes rigorous, cross-disciplinary inquiry with research partners across campus and around the world. In addition to our 15 research centers and numerous affiliated centers that serve as catalysts for research and engagement with the policy community around the world, Harris supports numerous other partnerships and initiatives.


Our faculty address society’s most complex challenges across a wide range of policy areas through interdisciplinary research with scholars from across the University, the nation and internationally.

Campus Partners

Our campus partners include:

National Partners

Harris partners with community, nonprofit, private sector institutions, government agencies, and other research organizations across the nation to create opportunities for students and faculty.

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International Partners

Harris has several international partnerships with global academic and policy organizations, influencing questions on national health care reform, housing policy, education and job training, child and family policy, poverty and urban inequality issues.

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Jens Ludwig

Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor

Jens Ludwig

On urban poverty, Ludwig has participated in the evaluation of a HUD-funded residential-mobility experiment that provides low-income public housing families the opportunity to relocate to private-market housing. In the area of crime, Ludwig has written extensively about gun-violence prevention.