Harris Ambassadors and Graduate Assistants area group of students who are available to share their perspective and experiences at Harris Public Policy. They are representative of the Harris student body and passionate about their areas of study as well as their experience at Harris. Whether you have questions about the classroom experience, moving to Chicago, or their policy interests, our students are here to help! Connect with a current student on the phone or online.

Meet the Harris Ambassadors

Headshot of Vitor Agrella da Silviera
Vitor Agrella da Silviera, MPP Class of 2024

Vitor Agrella da Silveira, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Interests include: International Development, Social Policy, Education, Data Analytics, and Entrepreneurship

I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sao Paulo. Before Harris, I worked four years as a civil servant and three years in the nonprofit sector, with educational and health projects across Brazil. I am interested in reducing inequalities and improving the quality of public services. At Harris, I have been involved in leadership, strategy, and social impact initiatives. I choose Harris because of the combination of soft and hard skills that you can develop through the massive unique resources that students have at their disposal.

Headshot of Muhammad Hashaam Asif
Muhammad Hashaam Asif, MPP Class of 2025

Muhammad Hashaam Asif, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Faisalabad, Pakistan

Interests include: International Development, Economic Policy, and Tech Regulation

How can we tackle inequality of opportunity and, in turn, multi-dimensional, generational poverty, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance at life to realize their potential and shape their life the way they want to? This is the question I am trying to answer during my time at Harris. Over the past six years, I led a digital marketing agency, and eCommerce trading company all while committing to public service at the Central Bank of Pakistan, where I helped formulate monetary policy. Now, I am focused on scaling the non-profit I founded, Hunar Se Rozgar, to upskill and empower women in Pakistan. Moreover, I am paying-it-forward by coaching students while also working to attract the best talent from under-represented regions.

Headshot of Onur Buyukkalkan
Onur Buyukkalkan, MPP Class of 2025

Onur Buyukkalkan, MSCAPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Izmir, Turkey

Urban, Economic Development, Fintech, Financial Policy

I am a Fulbright scholar studying in the Master of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) program at UChicago. I previously majored in Political Science and Software Development Bilkent University. I love politics, economics, diplomacy, and data science. I know German, Russian, Turkish, Latin, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, and Turkmen. Play the violin and love cooking different dishes from around the world.

Headshot of Aicha Camara
Aicha Camara, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Aicha Camara, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Benton Harbor, Michigan (USA)

Interests include: Technology Policy, Racial and Gender Equity, Data Analytics, LGBTQ Policy, Reproductive Rights Policy, Policy Analysis

After earning my BA in International and Global Studies from the University of Central Florida and gaining valuable experience through internships with two federal agencies, I pursued my graduate journey at Harris. My passions for data transparency, analytics, and policy intersect. My academic and professional background has fueled my fascination with the dynamic interplay between technology, policy, and social welfare. I have a keen interest in civic technology, where open governance and data-driven solutions hold the potential to drive positive change. Through my studies at Harris, I am dedicated to exploring innovative ways to harness data and technology for the betterment of society. I hope to leverage my skills to address pressing societal challenges and promote transparency, equity, and open governance. .

Headshot of Carrie Collins
Carrie Collins, MPP Class of 2024

Carrie Collins, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Interests include: Technology Policy, Racial and Gender Equity, Data Analytics, Policy Analysis

I graduated with a BA in English and Psychology from Providence College. Following my undergraduate career, I took a position at Princeton University. My role there encompassed user experience (UX), racial equity, customer relationship management, and digital accessibility. My work in these areas sparked my interest in technology policy and its intersection with equity. Prior to my admission to Harris, I completed a certificate in Public Policy at Rutgers University. At Harris, I look forward to further expanding my analytical and quantitative skillsets in the pursuit of comprehensive and equitable technology policy.

Headshot of Mateo Cruz
Mateo Cruz, MPP Class of 2024

Mateo Cruz, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Interests include: Consulting, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, and Entrepreneurship

I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, where I earned my BA in Business Administration from Universidad de Los Andes. During the last 6 years, I have been working in the banking and business consulting industry. I also founded an NPO consulting firm (Impact Consultoria Social). I chose Harris because I want to focus on financial politics and macroeconomics, so in the future, I can help to ease access to financial services in developing countries.

Headshot of Dodi Duha
Dodi Duha, MPP Class of 2025

Dodi Duha, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Nias, Indonesia

Interests include: Energy & Environmental Policy & International Development

Growing up on a small rural island exposed me to daily electricity shortages, which ignited my passion for understanding energy. After working in the automotive sector for six years, I made the decision to pursue a master's degree to pivot my career towards making a greater impact on society. I believe that the Harris MPP program, combined with my engineering background and extensive private sector experience, will empower me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a policy maker.

Headshot of Jonathan DaCosta
Jonathan Dacosta, MPP Class of 2024

Jonathan DaCosta, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Interests include: Urban Development and Education Policy

After finishing my Bachelors degree in International Relations from Boston University, I chose to come to Harris in order to ground my policy interests in quantitative research. I wanted to uncover the root cause of major policy issues affecting local and at-large communities and equip myself with the tools necessary to tackle those issues head on. Having the ability to combine my real world experience in municipal, state, and federal government entities with the quantitative foundation that Harris provides, will allow me to make the jump into any career field and make a positive impact

Headshot of Jordan Enos
Jordan Enos, MPP Class of 2024

Jordan Enos, MPP Class of 2024

After graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in finance, I worked at a non-profit in Austin, Texas as a case manager through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. I worked with community members experiencing generational poverty and the consequences of systemic discrimination. Afterward, I moved back home to Seattle, WA, and worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in their advocacy and communications program. The global health initiatives I supported centered on marginalized communities in the global south, including routine vaccine implementation and primary healthcare.

As a 2nd year MPP student, I am focusing on domestic health policy. I am also a Pearson Fellow, an elected bargaining committee member for the Graduate Student Union, and Co-Partnerships Manager for Harris Community Action. I served as a Mayoral Fellow in Mayor Johnson’s office for the 2023 summer.

Headshot of Emileigh Harrison
Emileigh Harrison, PhD candidate

Emileigh Harrison, PhD Candidate

Hometown: Manitowoc, WI, USA

Interests include: Data Analytics, Volunteerism, Polarization and Conflict Resolution

I’m a PhD candidate and my research focuses on understanding barriers to education—such as financial constraints or beliefs about academic abilities shaped by representation—and the role that education policy can play in eliminating them. My recent work focuses on applying natural language processing and computer vision tools to measure changes in gender and racial representation in educational content. I also examine the impact of higher education policies on promoting social mobility for students from low-income and historically marginalized backgrounds. My work evaluates a range of policies, such as financial aid program design, articulation agreements, and remedial coursework placement policies. I am a 2023 National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow, a Discovery Doctoral Fellow at the Data Science Institute, and a Committee on Education Fellow at UChicago. I am also a pre-doctoral researcher at the Inclusive Economy Lab and a junior investigator/founding member of the (Messages, Identity, and Inclusion in Education (MiiE) Lab.

Headshot of Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez, MPP/MDiv Class of 2026

Mike Hernández, MPP/MDiv Class of 2026

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Interests include: Urban studies and the role of religion in American public life.

I am an MPP/MDiv candidate at the University of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a dual degree in Political Science and Economics in the Honors Program, with minors in English and Urban and Community Studies. I served as the Student Body President and Vice-President of the Connecticut Young Democrats and a regular contributor to the Undergraduate Political Review, the Business Review and the student newspaper. Off-campus, I have worked on various political campaigns, the U.S. Census, the Stamford Housing Affordability Study, and the historic Afford to Dream Act. My interests in public policy include housing and urban development as well as promoting civic engagement at the municipal level. After UChicago, I hope to attend law school and enter public service in my hometown..

Headshot of Charles Huang
Charles Huang, MPP Class of 2025

Charles Huang, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Holmdel, New Jersey

Interests include: Data Analytics, Volunteerism, Polarization and Conflict Resolution

I graduated from UChicago as an undergraduate economics major but learned about the world of nonprofits and public service through volunteering. Ultimately, I served two AmeriCorps terms in New York City before accepting a position at the Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington, D.C. My experiences there and my curiosity about how such volunteer and community work can scale led me back to UChicago, through Harris' Data and Policy Summer Scholars Program. At Harris, I hope to apply both theory and data to see how community-based volunteerism can support underserved communities and reduce inter-community polarization.

Headshot of Ishii Namuka
Namuka Ishii, MPP Class of 2024

Namuka Ishii, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Interests include: Education Policy

I spent the first half of my college years at a university in Japan, then transferred and spent the other half at a college in the U.S. I majored in mathematics and minored in education, and I had never taken economics or political science classes before coming to Harris. I entered Harris directly from undergrad, so I had no work experience before coming to Harris. With this background, I can share my experience with international students, undergraduates transitioning to graduate school, individuals with no work experience, and those who have not previously studied public policy. As an ambassador, I eagerly anticipate hearing your stories.

Headshot of Jade Jiang
Jade Jiang, MPP Class of 2024

Jade Jiang, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China

Interests include: Health & Education policy, International Development, and Labor Markets

I come from an economics background with an emphasis on community and global health, and have researched lending justice and equity. After I completed my BA, I worked in financial services and talent acquisition. The opportunity to learn and collaborate with our diverse and outstanding cohort, professors, and community at Harris is invaluable to me. I'm looking forward to developing an analytical toolkit to facilitate well-founded policy analysis and decisions towards positive social impact.

Headshot of Tony Jiang
Tony Jiang, MPP Class of 2025

Tony Jiang, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Interests include: Tech Policy, International Relations, Energy Policy

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, I attended National Taiwan University, where I studied Business with a focus on technology management. My diverse internship experiences, including work in the Department of Foreign Affairs, consulting, and startups, have ignited my interest in the intersection of policy and technology. With a strong passion for international affairs and the integration of tech and policy, I am excited to develop my skills in energy and data analysis at Harris while forming lifelong friendships.

Headshot of Rohit Kandala
Rohit Kandala, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Rohit Kandala, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut

Interests include: Survey Research/Data Science/Behavioral Data

I graduated from The University of Connecticut as a History major, and then worked in the political communications industry for three years. I helped manage online political advertising campaigns and developed a keen interest in analytics. However, I realized that I needed a quantitative foundation for understanding how people now communicate. After a lot of research, I found the MSCAPP degree, and it continues to be a fantastic combination of computer science, statistics, and policy. I know it will help me develop a great foundation of data science in my future roles.

Headshot of Andrea Kimpson
Andrea Kimpson, MPP Class of 2025

Andrea Kimpson, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Interests include: Health Policy, Racial and Gender Equity, Regulatory Policy

I am from Columbia, South Carolina and I grew up surrounded by leaders and activists who inspired me to continue moving the needle forward on important issues impacting our community. In this pursuit, I graduated from the College of Charleston with degrees in Economics and International Studies. My coursework, community experiences, and policy work on local and federal levels inspired me to study policy at the graduate level. The Harris School emerged as the best place for me to transform study into action via practical skill development and application. I look forward to utilizing the opportunities at Harris to develop as an effective policymaker!

Headshot of Navya Koppusetty
Navya Koppusetty, MPP Class of 2024

Navya Koppusetty, MPP Class of 2024, Persuasive Writing Credential 2022

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

Interests include: Environmental and Tech Policy

I graduated from University of Cincinnati with my BA in International Affairs and Political Science and minored in Asian Studies with certificates in Middle Eastern and Legal Studies. My time at Harris has made me explore a lot of policy areas that I have not decided which policy area to pursue. Over the summer, I became an Americorps VISTA for the summer and currently working as an Americorps State/National for the academic year. I am so excited to graduate.

Headshot of Evy Lanai
Evy Lanai, MPP Class of 2025

Evy Lanai, MPP Class of 2025

Franklin, Tennessee

Interests include: Urban development, education policy, and racial and gender equity

I am interested in pursuing a career in education policy. I grew up in Franklin, Tennessee and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama, where I graduated with degrees in International Relations and Spanish. Through internship experiences, I have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing education-serving organizations, and I am excited to use my Harris degree to accomplish similar ambitions. I enjoy working with kids, vegetarian cooking, learning new languages, attending college football games, and exploring the city of Chicago.

Levi Latoz, MPP Class of 2024
Levi Letoz
Levi Latoz, MPP Class of 2024

Levi Latoz, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Georgetown, IL

Interests include: International Development, Global Conflict, Education Policy

Though I am originally from a small town in Central Illinois, Taiwan has been my home for most of the past two years. During that time, I served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at two middle schools in Yunlin County.

Prior to my Fulbright Grant, I earned my bachelor’s degree in International Political Economy and Asian Studies from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. At Harris, I hope to strengthen my quantitative background and grasp new ways to support positive change in communities.

Headshot of Silvia (Xiaoya)Li
Raul Leon, MACRM Class of 2024

Raul Mathias Leon, MACRM Class of 2024

Lima, Peru

Interests include: Econometrics, Social interactions, Social Mobility, Economics of Education

I'm a MACRM student planning to pursue a Ph.D. to develop novel econometric methods to address nonstandard problems in public policy. My applied research interests encompass themes such as social mobility and social interactions. Currently, I serve as a Research Assistant at the Center for the Economics of Human Development. In this role, I work with longitudinal data from Denmark to measure intergenerational mobility across various dimensions, aiming to understand the mechanisms behind how parents' resources, investments in their children, and social influence create opportunities. Having grown up in Lima, Peru, my undergraduate studies took me to Brisbane, Australia, where I earned a Bachelor of Economics with a Major in Quantitative Methods and First-class Honours in Econometrics at The University of Queensland.

Headshot of Silvia (Xiaoya)Li
Silvia (Xiaoya)Li, MPP Class of 2025

Silvia (Xiaoya)Li, MPP Class of 2025

Hefei, China

Interests include: Finance and Economic Policy, International Development and Data Analytics

I graduated with a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bryn Mawr College, a historically women’s liberal arts college in Philadelphia. Born and raised in Hefei, China, I am passionate about economic policy and impact investing. In my past internships and volunteer experience with NGOs, I have been determined to make a positive impact on society. I believe in the power of policy. I choose to attend Harris because I can develop my data analysis skills and turn my economic knowledge into a practical toolkit to solve problems in the real world.

Headshot of Sohyun Lin
Sohyun Lim, MPP Class of 2025

Sohyun Lim, MPP Class of 2025

Seoul/South Korea

Interests include: Urban Development, Social Inequality, Data Analytics, and Financial Policy Analytics

I studied Public Administration for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Ewha Woman's University. After graduation, I worked for ten years in a Korean public institution, focusing on implementing policies aimed at alleviating the economic burden on people and supporting Korean economic stability. While working as a policy practitioner, I often pondered the impact and effectiveness of these policies. This led me to choose Harris, as I aimed to develop the quantitative and data-driven analytical skills essential for policy analysis. I hope to blend my professional experience with my academic abilities to create more effective policies and make a meaningful impact..

Headshot of Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez, MPP Class of 2024

Daniel Lopez, MPP Class of 2024

Bogotá, Colombia

Interests include: Social Transformation

I’m an educator, consultant, and public speaker specializing in strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and change management. I have supported executive teams in Colombian and Latin American companies, as well as facilitated regional and national dialogues for agreement-building. In 2019, I structured and facilitated the methodology for the National Conversion Dialogue. I am one of the founding partners of Public Design as well as the Co-founder and Director of the Adaptive Social Innovation Laboratory (LISA), a national initiative that empowers social leaders in their territorial transformation projects. I serve as a professor at CESA in Strategy, Ethics, and Change Management. I am also a recipient of the Leadership for Bogotá program by the University of the Andes. Additionally, I was nominated for the 2019 Portafolio Awards in the category of the best university professor in Colombia. I hold a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Chicago ('24) and am a Pearson Fellow.

Headshot of Hallie Lovin
Hallie Lovin, MPP Class of 2025

Hallie Lovin, MPP Class of 2025

Boone, North Carolina, US

Interests include: Social and Urban Policy, Drug Policy

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Public Policy and Women and Gender Studies, I decided to come to Harris to advance my quantitative understanding of policy. I am so excited to be able to explore the interplay between data and social policy decisions at the graduate level. My interests lie in using urban policy to combat inequality in the world around us. I am so excited for my journey at Harris!

Headshot of Martha MacLaren
Martha MacLaren, MPP Class of 2025

Martha MacLaren, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: London, UK

Interests include: Education policy, climate change, and social and health inequalities

I studied History and German for my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oxford, and lived and taught in Europe for a few years before joining the UK Civil Service in London. Having worked in a variety of HR roles in three different government departments, I’m keen to transition to a policy career where I can more directly impact citizens’ lives. I’m excited to start my MPP at Harris where I hope to learn valuable analytical skills and take electives in education, climate change, and social inequalities. I’m also looking forward to enriching discussions in an international cohort on complex cross-system, global challenges.

Headshot of James Marcucci
James Marcucci, MPP Class of 2025

James Marcucci, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey

Interests include: Education Policy, Social Justice Policy, Policy Analysis

I was born in a little town in New Jersey, where I lived until 2016. After attending Johns Hopkins University, I served in the Teach For America 2021 Corps, teaching US History at a high-need character school in Newark, New Jersey. While I had always enjoyed politics and governance, my time as a teacher solidified my abstract interest into a very real passion for improving< educational outcomes and institutions across the United States. I look forward to my time at the University of Chicago where I can develop the analytical skills necessary to support effective education reform.

Headshot of Ella Montgomery
Ella Montgomery, MPP Class of 2025

Ella Montgomery, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Interests include: Urban Economics, Education Economics

I am a Chicagoan, born and raised, and earned my BA in Economics in the Fall of 2022. I started my undergraduate experience with a keen interest in financial literacy and decision-making at the firm level. I later went on to develop a passion for analyzing the structure of academia and educational policy, working as a research assistant for a project that used the Cultural Political Economy approach to examine the process of radicalization for over a year. After graduation, I worked as an economic research analyst at the US Copyright Office. I chose to attend Harris’ MPP program because it offered both instruction in rigorous quantitative analysis and the opportunity to build skills for crafting thoughtful policy that engenders positive social change.

Headshot of Minh Nghiem
Minh Nghiem, MSCAPP Class of 2025

Minh Nghiem, MSCAPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Interests include: Urban & Environmental Economics, Sustainability, Civic Tech, Impact Science, Governance

After earning my BA in Business Administration at California State University, Fullerton in the US and Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, I worked with a number of firms operationalizing the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which sparked my interest in urban economics and the application of data in policy and public program implementation. Before grad school, I was a research analyst and project coordinator at a economics consulting firm in Vietnam/Myanmar where I worked with government clients on projects concerning governance and optimizing the public-private sector relationships. I chose MSCAPP for its diverse community of thoughtful and driven individuals. I aim to explore a wide arrays of policy domains, as well as learn to harness data to maximize the impact of public projects and policies.

Headshot of Maggie Onsager
Maggie Onsager, MPP Class of 2025

Maggie Onsager, MPP Class of 2025

Atlanta, GA

Interests include: International Policy, Social Policy

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and double majored in International Affairs & Politics and French Studies at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During my four years at Wake, I studied political science and culture in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Budapest, and Dijon, fueling my interest in international policy and social equity. I chose Harris because I felt as though there were endless opportunities to succeed and grow both through Harris and through the University of Chicago, and the prospect of collaborating with the diverse Harris community was extremely appealing to me. I come from a very writing-centered and liberal arts-focused background, so I look forward to growing my analytical skills by taking on new challenges at Harris!

Headshot of Itzel Rangel Romero
Itzel Rangel Romero, MPP Class of 2024

Itzel Rangel Romero, MPP Class of 2024

Ensenada, México

Interests include: Social Justice Policy, Migration, Public Safety

I am originally from the northwest region of Mexico. I relocated to Mexico City to pursue my bachelor's degree at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), where I majored in Political Science and International Relations. After graduating, I worked at non-profit organizations focused on researching ways to improve the police force and increase civilian oversight of law enforcement agencies across Mexico. A few years ago, I moved to Chicago to work for the Mexican community in Illinois and Northern Indiana as part of the Community Affairs Department at the Consulate General of Mexico. This past summer, I had the valuable opportunity to intern with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee Rights in Chicago. I decided to enroll at Harris to bolster my quantitative skills and utilize additional analytical tools to address the issues that matter most to me.

Headshot of Xiomara Salazar Flores
Xiomara Salazar Flores, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Xiomara Salazar Flores, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Berwick, Pennsylvania, US

Interests include: Public Interest Technology, Data Science, Tech Regulation

I am a first-generation college student and Latina hailing from the Northeast. After earning my B.S. in International Politics from Georgetown University, I embarked on a career journey that led me to become a Business Integrity Analyst at Meta in Austin, TX. In my latest role, I played a part in ensuring that Political Ads enforcement had the cultural context required for elections in Latin America. My experience in using data-driven approaches for decision-making was pivotal, inspiring me to pursue the MSCAPP program. This program perfectly blends my interests in public policy and computer science, equipping me with the technical skills necessary for a career pivot into public interest technology. Post-graduation, my aspiration is to work as a Data Scientist in government or within an organization dedicated to creating social impact.

Headshot of Alberto Saldarriaga
Alberto Saldarriaga, MPP Class of 2025

Alberto Saldarriaga, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Interests include: Public Finance, Municipal Finance, Health, Education, Climate Change and Environment

I am an economist firmly committed to bridging the divide between the private sector, public sector, and academia. Throughout my career, I have amassed five years of dedicated experience, refining my expertise in two pivotal domains: budgeting and project management. My professional journey has taken me to be involved in government agencies, primarily the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Education. Within these roles, I had the privilege of shaping policies that encompassed a broad spectrum of areas, such as: Multiannual budgeting estimation, formulating strategic agendas for national and subnational governments, and crafting strategies for knowledge transfer and stakeholder management. My primary objective at Harris is to enhance my proficiency in data analytics, which I believe will serve as a catalyst for further advancements in policy development in the areas I’m passionate about.

Headshot of Sanya Srivastava
Sanya Srivastava, MPP Class of 2024

Sanya Srivastava, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Interests include: Health and International Development, Social Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation

I chose Harris to strengthen my quantitative toolkit and to learn how to bridge the gap in research, policy, and practice. Prior to this I was working in development consulting and impact evaluation in India for about 4 years and earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. I am passionate about strengthening social service delivery in developing countries through strategic decision-making tools like robust data structures and monitoring and evaluation systems. With the skills and global exposure I will get at Harris, I would like to grow into a leader who enables social change amongst disenfranchised communities.

Headshot of Beth Sun
Beth Sun, MPP Class of 2024

Beth Sun, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Interests include: Financial Policy

Armed with a psychology degree from Pepperdine university, my professional path has led me through venture capital, corporate banking, and to a fulfilling stint volunteering at the United Nations. I am now delving deeper into financial policy at Harris. My passions outside of academia include dance and a keen interest in music. Feel free to connect if you're curious about a finance career, want to exchange dance steps, or just want to chat! I'm honored to serve as your UChicago Harris Ambassador.

Headshot of Aastha Vasisht
Aastha Vasisht, MPP Class of 2025

Aastha Vasisht, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Interests include: Women Empowerment, International Development, Partnerships and Communications

I see policy as a transformative tool to bring positive change in the world. Having grown up in the United States, Dubai, and India, I witnessed many disparities and how they shape individuals' opportunities and outcomes. This has fueled my passion for promoting equality and justice in an international development context.

Before Harris, I interned at the UNCDF in New York as a Partnerships, Policy and Communications intern and worked with the AmeriCorps as an Outreach Events Champion. I also interned at a social enterprise in Amsterdam as a Communications and External Affairs intern. I did my undergraduate studies in Economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and studied abroad at Sciences Po in France which shaped my understanding of international relations and foreign policy.

I am eager to acquire the technical knowledge to implement and communicate policies at the grassroots level by learning from my diverse cohort and renowned professors at Harris. I believe that my experience combined with the theoretical and practical insights I gain at Harris will enable me to make a meaningful impact.

Headshot of Mario Venegas
Mario Venegas, MPP Class of 2025

Mario Venegas, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Interests include: Institutional strengthening, Monitoring and Evaluation, International
Development, and Justice and Security

I graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where I earned a BA in economics. After graduation, I joined the think tank industry, where I contributed to projects that promoted the consolidation of the rule of law in Mexico by enhancing the prosecutorial and public administration processes of state Attorney Offices. I am excited to join Harris to deepen my understanding of the challenges faced by institutions in developing countries to deliver services while acquiring skills to develop innovative solutions.

Headshot of Max Wagner
Max Wagner, MPP Class of 2024

Max Wagner, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Interests include: Transportation, housing, climate resilience

After completing my undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston, I spent two years working in communications at a solar investment firm that builds community-based solar
projects. I decided to pursue an MPP degree because I saw firsthand how policy impacted what
solar projects got built, where they were built and who benefited. I chose Harris because I want
to learn new analytical tools and expand my writing skills to become a more effective policy
communicator. After graduation, I hope to apply what I learned at Harris by working in municipal

Headshot of Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav, MPP Class of 2024

Ayush Yadav, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Interests include: Education, Housing, and Social Policy

With a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi, I have developed a keen understanding of governance and policy dynamics. My internships at esteemed institutions like the Indian Institute of Public Administration and the Centre for Policy Research enriched my expertise in policy research and digital governance. After joining the Harris School of Public Policy, I have started working on a research proposal with Professor Luis Martinez, which is all about my passion for housing policies. I am becoming a policy leader and excited for my second year at Harris!

Headshot of Sol Yoo
Sol Yoo, MPP Class of 2024

Sol Yoo, MPP Class of 2024

Hometown: Yongin, Korea

Interests include: Data Analytics, Social Inequality, Economic Policy

I graduated from Kyung Hee University in Korea with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies.  I have four years of career experience (including US internships) in Human Resource Management. As a first-generation college graduate, I came to Harris to make social impacts with data-driven decisions. I am sure the academic support in the MPP program will strengthen my analytical and quantitative skills to be a policy analyst.

Headshot of Natalia Zorrilla Ramos
Natalia Zorrilla Ramos, MPP Class of 2025

Natalia Zorrilla Ramos, MPP Class of 2025

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Interests include: International Development

Originally from Mexico City, I am an MPP student and Pearson Fellow. I am interested in irregular migration conflicts driven by violence caused by drug cartels in underdeveloped communities in Mexico and Latin America. Before Harris, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). I worked for the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland, where I worked on issues related to agricultural subsidies and technical barriers to trade. Afterward, I worked for four years at the General Consulate of Mexico in San Diego, CA, where I cultivated an understanding of the relationship between the US and Mexico, participated in diplomatic meetings, and assisting human trafficking and domestic violence victims, as well as unaccompanied minors, in reunification. At Harris, I look forward to strengthening my data analysis skills and continuing working on migration issues as a fellow at The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts.

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