Students who major in Public Policy choose between one of two capstone seminars: the BA Thesis Seminar (PBPL 29800) or the BA Project Seminar (PBPL 29500). Each seminar offers students the opportunity to complete a writing project that showcases the skills they acquire throughout their studies in the major.

Only students who complete the BA Thesis Seminar (PBPL 29800) are eligible for honors within the Public Policy major.

BA Thesis Seminar

The BA Thesis Seminar (PBPL 29800) guides students in conducting original, independent research (e.g., developing methodological skills, collecting and analyzing data) and culminates in a BA thesis..  

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BA Project Seminar

The BA Project Seminar (PBPL 29500) focuses on critical policy-relevant writing, resulting in a project that highlights student analysis of vital public policy problems.

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