Turn your passion for doing good into proven social impact.

Why policy? For a better world.

Why Harris Public Policy? Because when it comes to better policymaking, evidence matters.

Policy Matters Now More Than Ever

Today’s world needs a new generation of leaders who are driven to find the best solutions to society’s problems.

Business and nonprofit leaders, consultants, lawyers, securities analysts, government contractors, professionals in heavily regulated industries (e.g., finance, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, or education), and even social entrepreneurs need to understand how to influence policy and measure the impact of their programs.

At Harris, we teach you how to turn your passion for doing good into proven social impact through one of our full-time or part-time degree programs.

Here, you will develop the skills you need to ask the hard questions, follow the evidence to the answers, and make a real and lasting impact. Here, you’ll combine a rigorous education with immediate, hands-on experiences that come by being part of a preeminent, global university in a world-class city. Here, you’ll find support in a lifelong network of mentors and peers, as you turn your passion for doing good into an impactful career.

"It’s hard to imagine a domain of public life that isn’t affected by public policy."

William Howell, Harris Public Policy Sydney Stein Professor in American Politics

Multiple Degree Options

Harris offers several flexible part-time and full-time master’s programs with various certificate options, as well as numerous joint degree programs and a doctoral program.

Our flagship degree is the Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree. It emphasizes rigorous modeling and analysis, evaluating information to solve complex policy problems.

Many students ask what's the difference between an MPP and an MPA, or Master of Public Administration. MPP and MPA programs are complements to one another, although courses and specializations can overlap. MPA students typically excel in management and technical implementation of policy, whereas MPP students are trained to analyze and recommend sound institutional policies. Some students pursue an MPA part-time. Those thinking about that option should consider our Evening Master's Program, which allows you to earn an MA in Public Policy in just four quarters.

Where Will Harris Take Your Career?

Harris Public Policy graduates lead successful careers across sectors, throughout the United States, and around the globe.

Students from AmeriCorps, Teach for America, consulting, healthcare, and other related fields come to Harris to learn a holistic and systematic approach to advocacy and policy formation. In doing so, they advance their careers.

Alumni work in both the public and private sectors as well as for non-profit organizations, NGOs, and IGOs. They are policy advisors, program officers, campaign chiefs of staff, financial analysts and consultants, economists and research specialists, government officers, foreign exchange traders, and directors at major organizations worldwide.

The Career Development Office provides resources to help students and alumni refine their professional skills and search for career opportunities, including individual career counseling, workshops, employer information sessions, and on-campus recruiting events. Over 400+ organizations employ Harris graduates around the world.

Read about our career outcomes and the many places our alumni work.

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A photo of James Robinson

Harris Public Policy Professors Provide Perspective on Transfer of Power, Unrest in US

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