An Intellectual Destination

Among the brightest in the world, University of Chicago students come from more than 100 countries to engage with people, programs, and opportunities. Across all programs and levels of education, students enjoy small classes and close relationships with the faculty—scholars who have contributed to some of the world's greatest discoveries, advancements, and bodies of knowledge. 

Campus Life

Campus life is rich with opportunity for involvement as well as entertainment, from Doc Films—the oldest running independent film house in the country—to the Major Activities Board, which brings A-list recording artists like Chance the Rapper and Vince Staples to campus. Venerable student institutions include the Chicago Maroon, an independent student newspaper since 1892; the Pub, a private hideaway for the University community known for its craft beer selection; and the annual four-day Scav Hunt, a singular tradition captured in a New Yorker article. Explore arts and culture, recreation and sports, more than 350 registered student organizations, and many opportunities for dining on campus and in the neighborhood, from food trucks to fine cuisine.

The 211-acre University of Chicago campus showcases spectacular architecture, including such modern marvels as Mansueto Library, Harper Center (home to Chicago Booth School of Business), and Campus North Residential Commons, while embracing the traditional. The University is known for its campus quadrangles and limestone buildings and for reimagining historical spaces, as with Saieh Hall, home to the Becker Friedman Institute

Harris Public Policy's new home is the Keller Center at 1307 E. 60th Street on the University's Hyde Park campus, on the south side of the historic Midway Plaisance, a mile-long park dating from the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

Explore the Keller Center and the UChicago campus through a virtual tour.

Campus Resources

As a student at Harris Public Policy, you can gain access to all the campus resources the University of Chicago has to offer.

More Information

If you're planning a visit to campus, download the University's campus guides. For university maps, guides, and more, visit the Information Center on campus, located at 5801 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL on the first floor of Edward H. Levi Hall.


Building the Future

To education entrepreneur Dennis Keller, Harris Public Policy is an "underburnished jewel." With his landmark $20 million gift to the school, he's helping it shine in a new home.
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Visit campus to attend a class and engage with your future network. Immerse yourself in the experience—explore campus, Hyde Park, and the dynamic city of Chicago.
James Heckman

Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Economics and the College; Affiliate Professor at Harris Public Policy; Director, Center for Social Program Evaluation

James Heckman

James Heckman's research has focused on the impact of social programs and the methodologies used to measure a their effect. He has researched areas such as education, job training, minimum wage legislation, women’s earnings, anti-discrimination laws, civil rights, and early childhood interventions.