Why do rebel fighters sometimes attack intermittently and with small forces—and at other times with more concentrated direct assaults?
Coaches have a significant impact on success in both the professional and collegiate ranks, a University of Chicago study finds, providing new insights into the never-ending debate over how much leadership matters in sports.
Two-thirds of species endangered by wildlife trade wait close to or more than two decades to be protected.
Using text messages to help parents set goals for reading to their children and to remind parents of their goals can double the amount of time that  parents of Head Start children spend reading to their children using a digital library, the study finds. 
In times of intense polarization, outsiders are more likely to win elections than establishment candidates if they are able to prevail within established parties, a study by Asst. Prof. Peter Buisseret finds.
In a new study, Professor Christopher Berry estimates that 10 percent of all foreclosures in Detroit were caused by illegally inflated property tax assessments.