A study co-authored by Professor Oeindrila Dube examines effects of interventions to boost community involvement and underlines importance of public trust.
Power demand in Italy has fallen 18 percent so far. Such data can be a real-time indicator of coming economic damage.
A paper by Assistant Professor Alexander Fouirnaies of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, along with Professor Andrew B. Hall of Stanford University, concludes that divisive and prolonged primaries do in fact have a negative effect.
C2C combines intensive wraparound and mentoring services that focus on addressing each young person’s specific needs, with trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy that helps youth process their trauma and develop a new set of decision-making tools.
The Center for Municipal Finance at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy has today released a review of property assessment within the city of Detroit between 2016-2018. The study, conducted by Christopher Berry, the William J. and A
Many but not all roads lead to education – and infrastructure matters to providing opportunities.