A new study by leading UChicago presidential scholar William G. Howell and coauthors concludes that the rituals of public performances enhance the president’s standing in the American public.
New research from Assoc. Prof. Damon Jones and coauthor Ioana Marinescu suggests that a universal basic income would not cause people to leave the workforce.
A new study by Austin L. Wright, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, and three co-authors shows that many more lives would be lost if military innovation were stopped.
Assoc. Prof. Damon Jones and co-authors have found that, after one year, the impact of popular workplace wellness programs is negligible.
Prof. Michael Greenstone and co-authors finds infants born within about 2 miles of a fracking site are more likely to be classified as low birth weight, but there is no evidence of compromised infant health at further distances.
Research from Assoc. Prof. Damon Jones finds new evidence that the social security earnings test is pushing people out of the workforce prematurely.