Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans have negative views of Russia’s actions during the war, but most have positive perceptions of the Russian people.
Despite being stalled in Congress, a pair of studies finds the cornerstone fishing policy in the United States is doing its job: rebuilding threatened fish populations to double their size, while not holding back most fishers from making their catch.
As many as 35-45% of casualties have been prevented in the first few months of the war through heightened public responsiveness and the Ukrainian government’s effective communications strategy.
Children from low-income families have lower math test scores, on average, than their higher-income peers. These disparities are of concern in their own right and because early childhood math test scores tend to predict later outcomes.
In a new working paper “Inflation and Asset Returns” released by the Becker Friedman Institute, Assistant Professor Carolin Pflueger reviews how current inflation dynamics compare to those seen in the 1980s and the 2000s.
Using data from Sub-Saharan Africa, the authors measure the impact of gender-based customer discrimination on the productivity of online sales agents.