Policy is not about feeling good. Policy is about doing good.

Ideology, intuition, and experience alone are not proven sources for policy solutions.

Addressing today’s global, interconnected challenges—and reaping the opportunities—takes rigorous inquiry.

It takes serious people, able to face the facts—to gather and understand the data of how things are—in order to make things better.

That’s why we’re here.

We believe there is a science to social impact.

Social science is the only proven path to better policymaking—to doing good. But not just any social science.

We work at the frontiers of data collection and analysis, using the latest technology and social science methods to design policies that work for society.

We conduct rigorous inquiry in an environment of innovation and risk taking, fearlessly questioning the status quo. We collaborate across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, adopting new methodologies to drive better solutions.

We engage with our city, our world, and our leaders every day to evaluate and test our ideas.

And we lead with our passion for driving social change, knowing that passion alone does not equal impact.

With passion and precision, we figure out what’s best for society—and get it done.

This is the Harris School Public Policy: Social impact, down to a science.