The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy’s ninth annual Career Outcomes Report showcases strong internship and post-graduation employment data.

Despite headwinds presented by multiple seasons of stark variance in the labor market, 89 percent of the class of 2023 reported accepting a job offer within 3 months of graduation and the class of 2024 is remarkably well-prepared for the job market.

As we navigate a year in a U.S. presidential election, we see many consistencies in our employment rates, including: location, policy focus, and primary job responsibility. One noteworthy difference is that graduates working in the private sector decreased by 15%. To me, this signals meaningful aims from our talent to apply their skills and experience toward work properly grounded in social impact.

Nick Fahnders, Director of Professional & Career Development

A Quantitative Difference

Harris graduates are passionate, driven, and committed to positive change. Rigorous coursework in microeconomics, statistics, and analytical politics equips students with the quantitative and analytical skills to evaluate and recommend sound policies in a variety of contexts.

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