The International Innovation Corps bridges the gap between innovation and impact. Our model has three defining features:

Innovation Underpinned by Diversity

Project Associates from varied academic and professional backgrounds combine unique perspectives to create innovative solutions. The diverse teams are a source of collaborative innovation for our projects.

Large Scale Impact

Project associatesĀ  work in interdisciplinary teams directly with the partner government and development organizations. We run structured problem diagnostics andĀ  pilot iterative solutions, ultimately leading to an overhaul of existing systems and creation of new interventions to drive and sustain project impact. These direct interventions with government partners and stakeholders on ground offer unparalleled opportunities for solutions to achieve scale.

Sustainable Solutions

The Project Associates work to ensure their interventions have a lasting impact. They focus on creating systems for scale and sustainability to achieve the desirable results and develop rigorous methodologies for evaluating outcomes, including defining metrics to assess their success by collecting and comparing baseline and endline data.