See yourself in Hyde Park

This is our neighborhood: Growing. Changing. And deeply rooted in tradition. Ever-evolving. Expanding. And alive with history. Transitioning. Kinetic. And home to lifelong residents.

This is Hyde Park, where different people, perceptions, and pursuits coexist and thrive in a unique Chicago neighborhood on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. Anchored by the University of Chicago, the Hyde Park community is infused with an intellectual energy, from the college student to the Bronzeville jazz musician, from the astrophysics researcher to the Woodlawn blogger, from the bookshop tourist to the senior playing chess in the park.

It is this energy that informs discussions and fuels activism, that cherishes history and prompts change, that tethers loyal residents to the community they call home. Hyde Park is a place for thinkers and activists, for conservatives and liberals, for the religious and secular.

Explore Hyde Park or the historic 53rd Street corridor in the heart of neighborhood.

Living in the City

Harris Public Policy students have multiple housing options available to them on campus, in Hyde Park, and throughout the city of Chicago.

Graduate students at the University of Chicago live in a variety of neighborhoods.

The University owns and manages 1,300 units in 28 apartment buildings across Hyde Park, offering a rich variety of restaurants, retail shops, schools, playgrounds, and more. These units are conveniently located within walking distance of campus and near public transportation. 

You should spend time exploring all of the neighborhoods available in Chicago. Some popular options for graduate students are South Loop, Wicker Park/Bucktown, and Lakeview. The UChicagoGRAD website provides information on how many students live in each neighborhood.

Students who wish to pursue housing options elsewhere in Hyde Park or across the city can contact these apartment search services:

In addition, the University Student Government maintains the UChicago Marketplace, where students rent or sublease apartments and sell furniture and other household items. You will need a University CNet ID to access the site.

Please note that neither the University nor Harris endorse or promote any specific company, vendor or rental agent. All companies mentioned here are offered for informational purposes only.

Graduate Housing Resources

The UChicagoGRAD Office also offers several excellent resources, including a series of webinars in the spring and summer to assist incoming graduate students navigate the search for housing. You can register for these webinars online.

Family Concerns

The decision to relocate to Chicago affects all family members. Resources are available to assist during each step of the process.

  • The UChicagoGRAD Office has many family resources.

  • The University of Chicago and affiliated organizations and institutions provide a variety of childcare resources, including schools, preschool education, daycare services, and recreation for children of all ages. There are a number of public and private schools in Hyde Park, including the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools as well as charter schools. If you plan to enroll your child in the local Chicago Public Schools (CPS), be aware that where you live will typically determine which school your child will be eligible to attend, and that enrollment takes place over the summer.
Ariel Kalil

Daniel Levin Professor

Ariel Kalil

Ariel Kalil is a Professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.