Learn from fearless thinkers who consistently challenge the status quo.

Faculty at Harris Public Policy challenge each other as well as the status quo, testing new methodologies and driving solutions through their innovative research. Coming from diverse sectors, ideologies, and backgrounds, Harris faculty investigate the world’s most complex challenges and determine how policy can solve them.

With the University of Chicago's strong commitment to free and open inquiry, our scholars at Harris take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans education to energy, conflict to politics. In the last century, the University produced more than 90 Nobel laureates in fields of study that include medicine, economics, and physics—including five current faculty members—among numerous other accolades

Working at the frontiers of data collection and analysis, Harris faculty collaborate with colleagues from across the University of Chicago and the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. In an environment of innovation and risk taking, Harris' world-leading policy scholars guide students toward positive social impact.

Meet our faculty.
Harris scholars conduct policy-relevant research on a wide range of public policy issues and questions.