Prepare yourself for a research-oriented career involving the substantive and institutional aspects of public policy.

The Ph.D. program at Harris Public Policy prepares students for careers in academia, industry, and government. It emphasizes a rigorous foundation in microeconomics, econometrics, and political economy, along with in-depth study of particular substantive areas associated with policy and policy-making. The program allows students to develop individualized and innovative courses of study in which they work closely with faculty members of the School and the University.

Consistent with the highly quantitative and analytic nature of the Harris School's Ph.D. degree, Harris has categorized the degree under a code which is currently on the DHS STEM list. Students on F-1 visas who have earned a degree that has been designated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a STEM degree may be eligible to apply for a 24-month extension of their post-completion optional practical training (OPT) so long as they meet all eligibility criteria at the time of application.

Ph.D. Program Requirements

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If you have questions about the Harris degree requirements, email the Harris Dean of Students Office at Policies on the results of not meeting these requirements can be found on the Harris policies page.

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Program Details

Key Contacts


Director of Graduate Studies

Steven Durlauf, Professor (

Durlauf's research spans many topics in microeconomics and macroeconomics. His most important substantive contributions involve the areas of poverty, inequality and economic growth. Much of his research has attempted to integrate sociological ideas into economic analysis.

Associate Directors

Yana Gallen, Assistant Professor (

Eyal Frank, Assistant Professor (

Dean of Students

Kate Shannon Biddle (

Program Director

Barbara Williams (

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Alumni profile

"Here the Client is Truth"

For Nancy Staudt, a Harris PhD was the key to deeper understanding of the law - and a great career move.