The Political Economy Workshop is a forum for theoretical and empirical research at the intersection of economics and political science. The workshop draws presenters from around the world and participants from around the University with a wide range of substantive interests.

The Political Economy Workshop meets on Thursdays from 12:30 p.m.-1:50 p.m. in Room 1022 at Harris Public Policy, Keller Center (1307 East 60th Street).  The faculty organizer is Alex Fouirnaies.

Please note:  Some of the PE Workshops may be virtual.

2022-2023 Workshops

Winter 2023

February 16

Andrew McClellan (UChicago Booth) - "Intraparty Politics and Dynamic Policy Polarization"

February 23

Antonio Nicolo (University of Padova) - "Learning it the Hard Way: Conflicts, Economic Sanctions and Military Aid"

Spring 2023

March 23

Matilde Bombardini (University of California, Berkeley Haas) - "Investing in Influence:  Investors, Portfolio Firms and Political Giving" (M. Bertrand, M. Bombardini, R. Fisman, F. Trebbi and E. Yegen)

March 30

Ray Fisman (Boston University) - "Measuring Government Openness Through Freedom of Information Request (with Eyub Yegen)"

April 6


April 13

Andy Hall (Stanford University)

April 20

Sandy Gordon (New York University)

April 27

Danny Hidalgo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

May 4

Benjamin Marx (BU Sciences Po in Paris)

May 11

Andrew Little (University of California, Berkeley)

May 18

Stephane Wolton (London School of Economic and Political Science) - "Unmasking the Enemies:  A Theory of Denunciations in Autocracies" (Joint work with Tinghua Yu from Birbeck University)

May 25

Lucia Motolinia (Washington University of St. Louis)

June 1

Gabe Lenz (University of California, Berkeley)

Workshop Archive

Political Economy Lunches

The Political Economy Lunch meets on the first Friday of every month, and on additional Fridays as needed from 12:00 p.m.-1:20 p.m. in Room 1022 of Harris Public Policy, Keller Center (1307 East 60th Street. The lunch is an informal setting in which graduate students and faculty can present and receive feedback on early stage and ongoing research. We welcome empirical or theoretical work linked in any way to politics or political economy. The PE lunch is also an excellent venue for practice job talks. Graduate students and faculty from any part of the University are welcome to attend, please contact us in advance if you haven't been a regular.

If you would like to be added to the PE Lunch mailing list, please email May Woodard-Hickey at