Discover the MACRM advantage.

Harris prepares the data-driven changemakers of tomorrow through the MACRM degree—a small-class, 15-month program that combines a public policy degree, a research apprenticeship, deep research methods training, and intensive faculty access and mentorship.

Program Benefits

Skill preparation: Enhance your skill set for research careers in academia, think tanks, or policy organizations.

Doctorate level courses: Take doctorate level coursework before committing to a PhD program.

Resume-building: Develop a stand-out resume with extensive quantitative research experience and placement support for PhD candidates.

One-on-one mentoring: Learn from world-renowned faculty.

Intensive core coursework and electives: Study advanced mathematics, research methods, economic theory, advanced econometrics, quantitative modeling and game theory, as well as electives.

PhD course credit: Transfer PhD-level course credits into the Harris PhD program, if admitted.

Small cohort design: Join a cohort with approximately 30 students, which allows for individualized research opportunities and discussions. 

STEM Eligibility for International Students: The MACRM degree is STEM-eligible for international students. After graduating from a STEM-eligible program, you can apply for an additional period of work authorization after participating in an initial period of regular post-completion work authorization (often for 12 months).

Graduate Outcomes

The MACRM program is designed as a stepping stone into either PhD programs or academic research jobs. As intended, many of our graduates end up in PhD programs or research roles.

The amount of PhD students coming out of the MACRM program has increased every year.

Explore our recent MACRM graduate outcomes.

Emileigh Harrison
Student profile

Student Profile: Emileigh Harrison, PhD Student

Harrison views public policy as a unique field that allows her to more directly enact changes in the world.

Harris Faculty

Harris faculty are addressing the hard questions, bringing sophisticated analysis and evidence to bear in confronting the world’s most complex challenges.

Professor Chris Blattman shares what makes the MACRM program unique in his blog post, "Finally, the Master’s degree designed for people who want to do serious research or a PhD."

Chris Blattman

Ramalee E. Pearson Professor of Global Conflict Studies

Christopher Blattman

A faculty member in The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts, Chris Blattman focuses on why some people and societies are poor, unequal, and violent, and how to tackle these issues.


Expert Guide

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Research Centers

Bridging research and education with policy impact, our research centers, labs, and institutes serve as catalysts for research and engagement with the policy community locally and around the world.

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