Spring 2022 - Acceptable Methods Courses


Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med Students BIOS 20172
Community Organizing SSAD 28112
Data Visualization CMSC 23900
Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis CMSC 25025
Data Science Clinic II DATA 27200
Introduction to Machine Learning DATA 22100
Mathematical Methods for Data Science II DATA 21200
Statistical Pitfalls and Misinterpretation of Data DATA 26100
Econometrics ECON 21020
Intermediate Regression and Data Science EDSO 23089
Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis ENST 28702
GIScience Practicum GEOG 28000
Geographic Information Science III GEOG 28602
Health Services Research Methods HLTH 29100
Introduction to Humanistic Inquiry and Research Design IRHU 20100
Research Design and Archival Theory and Practice for Cinema and Media Studies IRHU 27011
Household Finance: Theory and Applications PBPL 28528
Program Evaluation PBPL 28633
Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Gun Violence PBPL 26302
Research in School Improvement PBPL 27919
Clinical Research Design and Interpretation of Health Data PBPL 21011
Introduction to Text as Data for Social Science PLSC 21510
The Practice of Social Science Research PLSC 22913
Big Data in the Psychological Sciences PSYC 26010
Qualitative Field Methods SOCI 20140
Principles and Methods of Measurement SOSC 26008
Applied Regression Analysis STAT 22400
Biostatistical Methods STAT 22700
Causal Inference Methods and Case Studies STAT 24630
Introduction to Data Science II STAT 11900
Linear Models and Experimental Design STAT 22200
Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Applications and Techniques STAT 24620
Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning STAT 27700