Autumn 2022 - Selected Acceptable Methods Courses

Ethnographic Methods ANTH 21420
Machine Learning for Computer Systems CMSC 25422
Models in Data Science DATA 21300
Econometrics ECON 21020
Computing for the Social Sciences ENST 20550
Introduction to Critical Spatial Media: Visualizing Urban, Environmental, and Planetary Change ENST 23517
Geographic Information Science I GEOG 28202
Digital Ethnography GLST 25199
Ethnographic Methods in Chicago GLST 26374
Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Urban Education PBPL 26303
Introduction to Text as Data for Social Science PLSC 21510
The Practice of Social Science Research PLSC 22913
Psychological Research Methods PSYC 20200
Historical Methods in the Social Sciences SOCI 20568
Introduction to Spatial Data Science SOCI 20253
Involved Interviewing: Strategies for Interviewing Hard to Penetrate Communities and Populations SOCI 20547
Qualitative Field Methods SOCI 20140
Applied Regression Analysis STAT 22400
Introduction to Causality with Machine Learning STAT 27420
Introduction to Mathematical Probability STAT 25100
Introduction to Statistical Genetics STAT 26300
Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning STAT 27700
Numerical Linear Algebra STAT 24300
Statistical Theory and Methods I STAT 24400