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Harris Diversity & Inclusion provides a number of resources for students with disabilities. We encourage you to use the links below to discover and learn more about the resources available to the Harris community.

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UChicago's Commitment

The University of Chicago is a community of scholars, researchers, educators, students, and staff members devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. In keeping with its long-standing traditions and policies, the University of Chicago, in admissions, employment, and access to programs, considers students on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors prohibited by law. 

The University strives to be supportive of the academic, personal and work related needs of each individual and is committed to working with students with a disability to be able to fully participate in the life of the University. Further, the Harris School of Public Policy is committed to the maintenance of a school community that welcomes and provides an accessible learning environment for all students. Harris is committed to serving the needs of its students with disabilities based on University guidance and policy. 

Accommodations Process

For Harris Students Taking Courses at Harris:

Step 1: Complete and submit the online Student Disability Services (SDS) Request Form

To begin the accommodation process, students should complete and submit the online Student Disability Services (SDS) Request Form in the AIM student portal. Students must submit current disability documentation that meets SDS guidelines in order to establish eligibility for accommodations. SDS specialists are available to provide any guidance on documentation requirements for students registering with SDS or seeking an evaluation. Consult with SDS as early as possible for any questions or concerns about documentation requirements and guidelines. 

Incoming Students planning to attend Math & Coding Camp or Jumpstart: it is important to initiate this process as early as possible to determine eligibility and implement reasonable accommodation(s) during pre-orientation programming and the mandatory Math Exam.

Step 2: Specialists will review the request and determine whether or what accommodations would be appropriate

Once the Request Form and appropriate documentation is received by SDS, specialists will review the request and determine whether or what accommodations would be appropriate. Students are required to meet with a SDS specialist to discuss the impact of their disability and potential accommodations and services to mitigate access barriers caused by their disability.

Step 3: A determination letter will be shared with the Harris Disability Liaison (Marley Mandelaro) and the Dean of Students

If SDS approves accommodations, a determination letter will be shared with the Harris Disability Liaison (Marley Mandelaro) and the Dean of Students. The liaison will then work with the student to implement your approved accommodations.

For Harris Students Taking Courses Outside of Harris:

The Harris Disability Liaison will work with students to ensure their accommodations are implemented outside of Harris. This is an interactive process, so we encourage students to be proactive, reach out to their liaison, and let them know about your plans to take classes outside of Harris to ensure a seamless process. Divisions outside of Harris may have different essential requirements and disability accommodation procedures that will require an additional review of accommodation requests.

For University Students Taking Courses at Harris:

Students who have received approved accommodations from SDS should forward their determination letter to Marley Mandelaro ( prior to the second week of the quarter in which you plan to take any Harris courses.

Harris Disability Liaison

The Dean of Students Office supports and advocates for student needs. If you have any questions about approved accommodations, general accommodations, temporary accommodations, or general questions, please contact:

(General accommodations, academic accommodations, note taking, alternate format materials, exam accommodations, classroom seating accommodations, implementation process, inaccessible classrooms, any general questions)

Your academic advisor is also here to support you. If you are facing academic difficulties and would like to discuss your options, always feel free to contact your advisor!

Expecting Students

Talk to your academic advisor if you have any questions about how Harris can support you during your pregnancy.

While pregnancy itself is not a disability, students may contact SDS to request reasonable accommodations for medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth.


Students looking for more information about accessible parking on campus should contact Student Disability Services at 773.702.6000 or email In order to receive accessible parking in the Keller Center parking lot, a student will need to provide all required documentation to the Parking Office and will need to have a state-issued accessible parking permit. Once a student has been approved for accessible parking, they should be in touch with Eman Alsamara for next steps.

Find more information on fees for monthly parking permits.

Event Accommodations

The Harris School of Public Policy is committed to ensuring that all members of the community are able to participate in any activities or events. If you would like to request accommodations for Harris Student Organizations (HSO) events and general Harris events, please email Harris Dean of Students Office ( with the event you are attending and what accommodations you require. The request will get forwarded to the appropriate party for follow up.

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