The Public Policy practicum offers students a hands-on approach to the study of policy questions. To fulfill the practicum requirement of the PBPL major, students must take one Methods course and one Windows course.

In the two-part practicum requirement, students learn a research method (e.g., interviewing, GIS mapping, survey design, demography) and then apply their methodological skills in a “real world” context, opening a “window” from the ivory tower into the outside world.

Some Windows courses involve interviewing government, academic, and community experts on pressing social and policy questions in the Chicago area. Others involve collective work on a substantive policy problem with a community organization or government entity.

Students can petition to fulfill their Methods or their Windows requirement with an appropriate course that is not listed.

How to Declare Your Practicum Courses

Complete the Specialization and Practicum declaration form to declare your practicum classes. 

Once approved, your information will be sent to your college advisor for posting to your degree audit.

If you decide to change any specialization/practicum course after approval, please resubmit the form with the updated information so we can inform your college advisor of any changes to your plan.