Because data cannot speak for itself, students of public policy need to be able to tell clear, concise, and compelling stories about what’s happening, what’s working (and what isn’t), and what should be done next to address the most pressing public policy challenges of our time.

At Harris, you’ll learn the skills you need to develop evidence-based policy recommendations, but unless you can communicate those ideas in ways that meet the unique needs of your reader, all your hard work might not have the impact it should.

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“I’ve long believed that a story, told well and persuasively, can motivate change. But I also know there is something unique about policy writing that requires practice and persistence. The Harris Writing Workshop provides a home for writers-turned-policymakers, and policymakers-turned-writers, to develop and hone the skills needed to ensure their policy stories make a difference.”

Lauren Manning (MPP ’20), The World Bank

The Writing Workshop’s mission is to ensure students graduate with the skills needed to craft, revise, and publish useful and insightful policy writing based on rigorous data analysis. Through writing workshops, short skill-development videos, free one-on-one coaching, and lots of great guidance, students will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to communicate policy stories that matter.

Current full-time students can make appointments with the Writing TAs and Writing Coach on the Harris Student Handbook Canvas page here.

Explore our policy writing resources and connect with our writing coaches!