At Harris, Kucich plans to delve into education public policy with the goal of helping to remove some of the political barriers for educators.
In 2020, the Bulletin set the hands of the clock at 100 seconds to midnight, moving them forward from two minutes. For the second year in a row, the organization determined that not enough progress has been made to move the hands back.
“The emphasis Harris places on using data responsibly—to think carefully and cautiously about data in order to use it effectively—is a unique and invaluable cornerstone of the Harris experience.”
Assistant Professor Eyal Frank works at the intersection of ecology and economics. He uses natural experiments from ecology and policy to estimate different pieces of the complex puzzle regarding the social cost of biodiversity loss.
On January 13, 2022, the University of Chicago Center for Effective Government (CEG) at the Harris School of Public Policy will welcome its 2022 class of Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) fellows.
"I’m looking forward to getting involved with the growing arena of corporations for which being grounded in community is a part of their ethos."