Employment data for most recent graduating class shows Harris students working across public, private, and nonprofit sectors with high levels of job satisfaction.
The U.S. Census is a constitutionally-mandated counting of the entire U.S. population. The first one was conducted in 1790 by the Secretary of Commerce, and all 23 censuses conducted since have been administered by the Department of Commerce.
Baicker, a health care economist, views the aid package's changes to health insurance coverage and regulations as helpful to making it financially feasible for everyone to get treatment for COVID-19.
The MSCAPP degree, which combines public policy and computer science in new ways, teaches analytical technical skills that give graduates new ways to make a difference.
Harris Public Policy has created a series of programming called “Transitions” meant to convene and guide Harris alumni through career changes. “Transitions” launched in November 2019, featuring a series of virtual events and webinars.
Support made Dami's dual MBA/MPP degree possible.