CLA alum Eliza Solowiej protects the rights of everyday people with First Defense Legal Aid, a major player in criminal justice reform.
Crystal Higginbotham, Class of 2020, believes that reforming urban school systems will lead to a more successful society for us all.
Harris Public Policy today announced the creation of the new Cyber Policy Initiative (CPI), a first-of-its-kind academic initiative which will advance the field of cyber policy and examine the intersection of national security, politics, and technology.
Using text messages to help parents set goals for reading to their children and to remind parents of their goals can double the amount of time that  parents of Head Start children spend reading to their children using a digital library, the study finds. 
The U.S. welfare programs have largely been a success, but partisans on both sides of the aisle fail to admit it.
As research by Associate Professor Damon Jones shows, workplace wellness programs don’t work well. Learn why some studies show otherwise.