Newly minted MPP graduate Louis Makarewicz found the pandemic-forced transition to remote learning for his last quarter at the Harris School of Public Policy to be remarkably smooth.
Fellows receive support for their research on urban issues. Lakhote's research focuses on discrimination in public goods access for disadvantaged groups in urban India.
“My tenure at Harris gave me exactly the fundamental training I wanted.”
OUTPolitik, the Harris Student Organization which fosters LGBTQ community within Harris, also works in Chicago as a whole, especially the South Side, to support queer communities and push for policy-based change.
The erosion of trust in institutions such as the media and government have contributed to the challenges in democracy which have made effective government difficult in the United States.
Registered voters in Wisconsin who had never voted absentee were much less likely to cast a ballot in the April 2020 election, a pattern traced to the prevalence of COVID-19.