On Wednesday, the Census Bureau released its 2017 annual poverty report, but Meyer and a coauthor say the numbers seriously underreport income.
Senior figures representing states, cities and businesses rebelling against Donald Trump’s denial of climate change are swarming San Francisco this week to proclaim their own efforts to meet US commitments to cut greenhouse gases.
In Harris Policy Labs, students tackle real-time public policy challenges for government agencies and non-profit organizations. Working in small teams, students have a unique opportunity to put their Harris core education to the test.
Social impact projects here and at universities around the world will receive critical new support starting in October at the Clinton Global Initiative University. The transformative experience brings together students from around the world.
The increase of money in politics has made it more difficult for candidates who are not independently wealthy to run, his research finds.
Nathan Jefferson, MPP Class of 2020, wants to enable nongovernmental organizations to be more effective in Latin America.