The Harris Common Read selection for the 2022 academic year is a prize-winning, international bestselling examination of how a gender gap in data perpetuates bias and disadvantages women.
“I am very passionate about evidence-based policy. I’m determined to be involved in projects that allow me to see the tangible impact of the work I’m doing.”
“Before IPAL I thought I wouldn’t be able to code, but during the program, I became much more confident as we applied coding to real world issues.”
“I am now more confident in my ability to tell stories with data to people who may not have as much technical expertise.”
“The thing I enjoyed most about Harris was learning from my classmates. I got to talk to people from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences and how they think.”
"By conventional measures, only five democratic countries appear on the list of the 20 fastest-growing economies around the world between 1992 and 2013. But when you adjust the data based on my model, you get a much more nuanced picture."