A public servant, civic leader, and civil rights champion, Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry MPP'13 has worked in the Chicago Mayor's Office and now shapes policy for the city’s Commission on Human Relations.
Governments do not take sufficient action to accept regulations which would protect endangered species and plants.
Governments around the country, such as that of Delaware and Philadelphia, are implementing systems online to share financial information with citizens, but these systems can be difficult to understand.
The method of quantification suggests different systems of value to researchers than might otherwise seem clear. Economists and others in quantitative fields should remember that it cannot cleanly map a state of affairs onto paper.
The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China is not a sudden turn in politics; it is an eruption of accumulated policy divergence over the past two decades.
China's efforts to cut air pollution have increased the life expectancy of Chinese citizens in a short period of time.