n partnership with WBEZ Chicago, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy will host a unique professional development symposium training 30 Chicago journalists.
Farinella convened the Bipartisan Working Group on Digital Political Media & Democracy at the Harris School of Public Policy for a May 22-24 summit.
Renowned experts from politics, academia and civil society will come together on 18 and 19 October at the invitation of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy for The Pearson Global Forum.
Driving for Uber or Lyft can function as a way new drivers can make up for lost income from another job.
A bipartisan working group of political consultants and practitioners who specialize in the use of digital media in political campaigns has called for more transparency in political digital advertising.
The new report details the lessons learned from Arizona’s innovative approach to legislative redistricting, which was coauthored by Daniel Moskowitz, assistant professor at Harris Public Policy.