“Sometimes it’s harder to influence policy from within an organization: through consulting, I feel I can have the most meaningful influence.”
“Harris’ environment has been equally inviting and challenging. I’m not sure you could find this type of atmosphere anywhere else.”
“The skills I gained at Harris—especially looking at data critically—have been invaluable in my role at UNICEF. I have a completely different lens to use when solving problems.”
Pearson lecturer Ibrahim Elbadawi explains the reasons for Sudan’s ‘peculiar political history’ of autocracy and peaceful uprisings, and how it can be solved.
“It’s not enough that teachers are well-trained when students don’t have time to do homework because they’re working to support their families, or that the school provides lunch when students are hungry at home."
A political scientist who uses game-theoretic models, Ashworth is now the Homer J. Livingston Professor.