As a Harris student you are assigned an academic advisor who will guide and support you as you work toward the completion of your degree. Academic advisors are here as your first point of contact and support you through your academic and personal journey at Harris.

Advisors utilize a comprehensive and holistic advising model, focused on your success. You can go to your advisor for:

  • tracking degree progress;
  • curriculum planning;
  • registration assistance;
  • academic difficulties or concerns;
  • support for personal difficulties, and;
  • general advice.

We encourage you to check in with your advisor often and recommend an in-person meeting at least once per year.

Incoming Students

You will receive your academic advisor prior to the Autumn quarter of your first-year. After receiving your advisor make an intake appointment in late summer or early autumn to discuss your goals and get your initial questions answered. Your academic advisor works with you throughout your program to help you navigate your time at Harris.

Meet the Academic Advisors

Tabitha Clark Headshot
Tabitha Clark

Tabitha Clark, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Academic Advising

Tabitha advises students in the MPP program. She enjoys building relationships with students and supporting them during their academic journeys. Her greatest joy is observing and celebrating students achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.

Read Tabitha's bio here

Headshot of Daisy Cruz
Daisy Cruz

Daisy Cruz, Assistant Director or Academic Advising and Financial Aid

Daisy advises students in the MPP program. Daisy enjoys being able to connect with students and loves being able to provide advice and support to the student when needed.

Read Daisy’s bio here.

Andrew Dawson Headshot
Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson, Associate Dean of Students, Operations and Special Projects

Andrew advises students in the MPP and MA programs. His favorite part of academic advising is seeing his students graduate as the best versions of themselves. He loves to see the transformation of students over their time at Harris as they tackle an exciting new challenge.

Read Andrew’s bio here.

Ani Gatz Headshot
Ani Gatz

Ani Gatz, Director, Evening Master’s Program (EMP)

Ani advises students in the Evening Master’s Program and loves helping people map out a unique path to success. The Evening Master's Program provides a toolkit that can be used in any sector and our diverse, driven, and astute students use it in surprising and inspirational ways to make the change they want to see in the world.

Read Ani’s bio here.

Marquis Hayes Headshot
Marquis Hayes

Marquis Hayes, Academic Advising Specialist

Marquis advises students in the MPP program. He loves personal growth and seeing students excel in the program.

Read Marquis's bio here.

Amity James, Associate Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Amity advises students in the MSCAPP Program. She loves getting to know her students and learning about their experiences and perspectives. However, the most rewarding parts of this role for her are getting to play a small part in the students' successes, and seeing the difference they make in the world once they graduate.

Kim Kieras Headshot
Kim Kieras

Kim Kieras, Program Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Kim advises students in the MSCAPP program. For her, the best part about advising students is making connections and witnessing their intellectual and personal growth along the way. She thrives in providing encouragement when a student has self-doubt, looks forward to helping connect them with opportunities they may have missed, and is passionate about celebrating student successes along the way from the start of their program, through graduation.

Read Kim's bio here.

Jen Lombardo Headshot
Jen Lombardo

Jen Lombardo, Associate Dean of Students, Academic Services and Advising

Jen advises MPP and joint-degree program students. She loves getting to know her students beyond transactional advising tasks; there is so much to learn about people and the world from the individuals inside of the Keller Center. She also enjoys making complex topics digestible and likes strategy, so she finds it gratifying to talk through complicated problems with students and consider how to make the most of a student’s time at Harris.

Read Jen’s bio here.

Marley Mandelaro Headshot
Marley Mandelaro

Marley Mandelaro, Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Academic Services

Marley Advises students in the MPP program. Her favorite part about advising is using her recent experience as a UChicago grad student to inform her advising style; delivering urgency, empathy, and advocacy to help students get everything they want out of their time here.

Read Marley's bio here.

Tricia McCann Headshot
Tricia McCann

Tricia McCann, Student Life Coordinator, Evening Master's Program

Tricia advises students in the Evening Master’s Program. They appreciate getting to meet students one-on-one, help them find ways to balance life while earning a degree, and being a safe space for support and encouragement.

Read Tricia's bio here.

Hanna Seferos headshot
Hanna Seferos

Hanna Seferos, Associate Director of Academic Advising

Hanna advises students in the MPP program. Her favorite part about advising is helping students discover pathways, classes, and resources that they had not previously thought of before, but that enhance their Harris experience. She also enjoys celebrating every win with students, no matter how big or small, as they reach their goals.

Read Hanna’s bio here.

William Smith Headshot
William Smith

William Smith, Assistant Program Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Will serves as an academic advisor for MSCAPP students. What he enjoys most about advising is helping students take ownership of their academic journey, celebrating the successes of the students, and watching them grow holistically. 

Leslie Villaverde Headshot
Leslie Villaverde

Leslie Villaverde, Academic Advisor and Registration Specialist

Leslie Villaverde advises students in the MPP and MA programs. Her favorite part of academic advising is getting to know her students outside of academia. She loves witnessing both their professional and personal growth.

Read Leslie's bio here.

Barbara Williams Headshot
Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams, Program Director, PhD and MACRM

Barbara advises students in the PhD and MACRM programs. What she enjoys most about advising is helping students identify their priorities and center wellness in their time at Harris.

Read Barbara’s bio here.