As a Harris student you are assigned an academic advisor who will guide and support you as you work toward the completion of your degree. Academic advisors are here as your first point of contact and support you through your academic and personal journey at Harris.

Advisors utilize a comprehensive and holistic advising model, focused on your success. You can go to your advisor for:

  • tracking degree progress;
  • curriculum planning;
  • registration assistance;
  • academic difficulties or concerns;
  • support for personal difficulties, and;
  • general advice.

We encourage you to check in with your advisor often and recommend an in-person meeting at least once per year.

Incoming Students

You will receive your academic advisor prior to the Autumn quarter of your first-year. After receiving your advisor make an intake appointment in late summer or early autumn to discuss your goals and get your initial questions answered. Your academic advisor works with you throughout your program to help you navigate your time at Harris.