11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
Course #
PPHA 39930
Winter 2022
Certificate Program
International Development

Anthropogenic climate change is one of the most difficult challenges faced by modern society. A revolution in socioeconomic and environmental data, along with new and old insights from economics, can inform how we face this global challenge. During the course, our focus will be on the impacts of climate change upon society, and the necessity of solutions that deal with the global scope and often unequal nature of the impacts. This interdisciplinary course covers the tools and insights from economic analysis, environmental science, and statistics that inform our understanding of climate change impacts, the design of mitigation and adaptation policies, and the implementation of these policies. Students will develop a mastery of key conceptual ideas from environmental economics relevant for climate change and acquire tools, both theoretical and empirical, for conducting analyses of climate impacts and policies. The latter parts of the course will hone students’ ability in applying these insights and tools through policy debates and presentations. The goal is to help students become informed and critically-minded practitioners of climate-informed policy making.