9:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Course #
PPHA 33611
Winter 2022

This course aims to give students a complete primer on the perspectives, skills, and questions necessary to developing viable solutions to social and environmental challenges. The course’s weekly themes will serve the intersection of Leadership, Personal, and Product development. We’ll debate what defines doing good. We’ll seek intriguing opportunities to create new value in communities. We’ll conduct mixed-methods research in the field. We’ll develop prototypes to test our assumptions. And we’ll learn how to sell the value of the impact that we’ll create to stakeholders who can support our ideas.

The course’s ambition is to make students more multi-dimensional professionally, to clarify their career goals, and seduce them into incorporating social-entrepreneurship into their career path. 

If you’re interested in social entrepreneurship then you’re interested in work that challenges your skills while serving a fulfilling purpose. Usually, you’re motivated less by maximizing money than balancing your earnings with meaning. I believe this blended approach is the future of capitalism as well as careers serving the public good. And I believe we need more analytical, ethical, and creative people to help lead us into it.