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Winter 2024
Certificate Program
Survey Research
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The pressure in many fields (notably medicine, health research, politics, and education) for evidence-based results has increased the importance of the design and analysis of social investigations in providing a basis for policy decisions. This course will address: (i) the design of experiments, quasi-experiments, and surveys; and (ii) the use of these social investigations to provide data for generalization. Randomized clinical trials in medicine, field experiments in economics, psychology and political science, tests of quasi-experimental interventions, and national sample surveys will be among the examples. The course will explore the relative relevance of evidence from these different sources in formulating policy. Must have completed PPHA 31002 Statistics for Data Analysis I or equivalent to enroll.

Course Prerequisite

In order to register for this course you must have taken PPHA 31002 or PPHA 31202 or PPHA 42000

Quarter Title Instructor Day(s) Time(s) Syllabus
Winter 2024 Methods of Data Collection: Social Experiments, Quasi-Experiments and Surveys Colm O'Muircheartaigh Tuesday, Thursday 9:30am-10:50am