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Spring 2024

This course will focus on translating the tools of policy analysis into action and social change. The course will have three interwoven components: 1) Opportunities to apply the analytic tools learned in the core courses to real world policy problems; 2) Exercises in writing and speaking that will refine the student's ability to communicate complex policy ideas concisely and effectively; 3) A study of real world cases in which major policy changes have succeeded or failed in the political process. In particular, we will focus on how the proponents and opponents framed and communicated their key ideas. Overall, the course will emphasize both the skills necessary to analyze complex policy problems and the tools necessary to communicate such analysis to a non-professional audience. Students will be responsible for writing memos, working in groups, conducting meetings, making presentations, working with the media, and other communications-related tasks.

Quarter Title Instructor Day(s) Time(s) Syllabus
Spring 2024 Analyzing and Communicating Public Policy Charlie Wheelan Tuesday, Thursday 3:30pm-4:50pm