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This course will review the development of U.S. national policy and of international institutions intended to control and harness nuclear energy. We will examine military doctrine and the plans for nuclear war-fighting with special attention to changes in national security policy since 1945, to the role of scientists, as well as military and political leaders in formulating policy, and to bureaucratic routines and interests in shaping the implementation of plans and military doctrine. We will also review issues of civilian nuclear power and its regulation in the United States focusing on the effectiveness of public policies in preventing accidents, in securing nuclear fuel, and in dealing with radioactive materials left over from burning nuclear fuel. The discussion will also consider current proposals for strengthening oversight of civilian nuclear power in all countries. Finally, we will seek to understand the role of international institutions in channeling nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons, and in harmonizing national regulations to address the growing international trade in nuclear technology and materials.

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Winter 2018 Kennette Benedict Th 3:00 - 5:50 PM