Anubhav Fellows 2022


The Anubhav Lecture Series, South Asia is a unique program hosted by the Harris School of Public Policy in collaboration with the Indian School of Public Policy to bring together individuals who have motivated change at the grassroots level in South Asia and empower them with skills and training to increase their impact. The sixth installment of the series took place on May 28, 2022. 

Forty-five Fellows were selected from a competitive applicant pool displaying passion and acumen for policy-related issues. The Fellows’ policy areas of interest ranged from agriculture to EdTech. The Fellows were affiliated with organisations including KPMG, NITI Aayog and Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Conceptualised by Ranjan Daniels and Shilin Liu and led by Sakshi Parihar, the series is designed around ten lectures delivered by industry leaders and accomplished Harris alumni, Anubhav is an unparalleled initiative that supports professionals in the policy and development space to increase the scope of their social impact.

arti singh
Arti Singh

“My experience with the Anubhav lecture series resulted in a significant mindset shift. It provided me with diverse exposure to a wide range of public policy issues through its experienced speakers.”

Arti Singh, Anubhav Lecture Series 2022, Senior Program Associate, Room To Read India Trust



The lecture series covered many aspects of policy making, including the complexities of the social sector, scaling policies to broaden impact, regulatory frameworks and development policies, international trade, and leadership skills. Speakers included: 

After the lectures, students participated in a reception at the University of Chicago Center in Delhi, which featured opening remarks by Ranjan Daniels and Luis Miranda.


Anubhav fellows gather
Anubhav Fellows gather in-person for a reception

In addition to  the practical learning from the lectures,  Fellows gained a network with whom they can interact and collaborate in their professional journeys. Learn more about the next application cycle here, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.