Student Recruitment and International Partnerships Manager

About Shilin Liu

Shilin Liu is the Student Recruitment and International Partnerships Manager at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, where she focuses on building international partnerships and expanding executive programs to international markets. While an MPP student at Harris, Shilin was a student assistant for the Associate Provost and had multiple policy research internships including for the Illinois Network of Charter Schools and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. She is also an Education Pioneer with a fellowship placement at the New Teacher Center. Prior to enrolling in graduate school, Shilin worked in human resources at Mars in China. Shilin has a BA in sociology from Fudan University in China and an MPP degree from Harris Public Policy.

“I love contributing to our vibrant community and helping more students (especially international students) to explore Harris and Chicago. I especially love the small, family feel of Harris and the ways in which people support each other and learn and grow with each other—from students to faculty to staff.

Get to Know Shilin

What policy issue matters most to you?

Education. I think that education is a way for individuals to break external barriers. It’s a fundamental way that people can change their lives. I’m interested in the relationship between education and social mobility and stratification. And not just formal education, but also the continual development of one’s self.

Who do you admire?

Generally, I admire any person who pursues their goals.

What’s on your bucket list?

Many things, but definitely skydiving because it’s a whole different experience from living on the ground.

Ask Shilin About:

  • Harris student organizations and activities

  • Youth empowerment programs in other countries

  • Pure Barre

  • My dog (He's a Shiba Inu. His name is Lightbulb in English.)