One of the most helpful sources of application tips are students who are already #InAtHarris. We hope you find these tips from our class of 2024 helpful as you complete your application

Jordan Enos 

I organized application deadlines, essay questions, letters of recommendation, costs, and additional requirements into a single excel document with a column for my notes and completion status. While the application process can seem overwhelming, the admissions team offers a lot of quality information in regard to what they are looking for, how to make your essays compelling and personal, who should write a letter of recommendation, etc. I kept myself grounded in what was important by referring back to the critical information with a clear indication of what I needed to complete to get to the finish line.  

Lisa Fedorovska 

I know how stressful it can be to take standardized tests—whether it is the language test for an international student or the GRE. I found it helpful to concentrate more on strategies and skills, rather than trying to learn 100% of the material covered in the test. This strategy allows you to optimize both your prep journey and the test-taking process itself.

Vitor Silveira 

1. Ask your friends or colleagues to read your essays. Even if they haven't been through the graduate application process, they can give you solid input. Often the ideas we try to convey are not as crystal clear or compelling as we imagine in our minds, so it is always helpful to have a second set of eyes to review your essay. 

2. Every person has a unique and powerful story, though many people struggle to tell their narrative. Aim to paint the “big picture” of your trajectory in your application. Your essay allows you to provide context on why your experiences mattered. 

3. A great recommender does not have to be a famous person but someone that deeply knows you. A person with whom you have a closer relationship can speak to your competencies, what you have accomplished so far, and what skills you need to develop. 

Alex Simon 

Try to be as active a participant in the application process as possible. Attend admissions events and coffee chats—they are there to help you and will clarify expectations to help ease some of the stress you might have while applying. They offer a great opportunity to get your questions answered and interact with staff and your fellow applicants. 

Max Wagner 

My recommendation is to let your application simmer. Application season is a busy time, and it can feel like a race to press “submit” as soon as possible. Resist that urge and take the time to step back and re-read your materials with a “big picture" lens. Get a bird’s eye view of your entire application and make sure each component serves a unique purpose and contributes to the overall story you are trying to tell.