Many students, regardless of their academic background, choose to enroll in Math & Coding Camp as a way to connect with their peers and begin focusing on graduate school. Math & Coding Camp also prepares you for the math exam, required of all incoming master’s students.

Not sure about enrolling in Math & Coding Camp? When you complete and submit your math self-assessment you’ll be able to assess your current level of mastery and identify challenges. Plus, the self-assessment results help our instructors tailor Math Camp topics covered to best fit your needs.

Please plan to complete and submit your math self-assessment by June 13.

We would also like to introduce you to your future math and coding camp instructors:

Ari Anisfeld is a PhD candidate at Harris and alum of the MSCAPP program. He has been teaching R coding to Harris students since 2018. Prior, he taught middle school math in Thoreau, New Mexico and has worked in education in Namibia and China.

Jacob Jameson is a second year MSCAPP student with interests in health policy and computational medicine. Before coming to Harris, Jacob was a middle school mathematics teacher and elementary mathematics curriculum developer. He also has experience as a TA in Booth MBA courses in R Programming and running Girls Who Code clubs at the middle school level.

Lucas Mation is a PhD candidate at Harris working on Labor Economics. In previous years he was the head TA for the Harris MPP and PhD Math Camps. Prior to his PhD, Lucas was a career researcher at the Brazilian Federal government's Institute of Applied Economic Research, where he led a data science unit working on policy evaluation and the integration of administrative records. 

Rohen Shah is a graduate of the MACRM program and currently a PhD candidate at Harris. He also is one of the students who helped design Math & Coding Camp. Prior to coming to Harris, he started DiagKNOWstics, a virtual crash course in math (which will be used at Math & Coding Camp!), and was known for his viral educational YouTube videos under the pseudonym “McSkule.” Read his full profile. 

Additional self-paced math and coding resources will be shared with you over the summer months to allow you to further prepare for Math & Coding Camp and the Core. A comprehensive list of study resources, recommendations, and additional information can be found on the admitted student website.

We’re excited to have you in the Harris community and look forward to seeing how you make your impact.