Consistent with our Day One philosophy, we offer resources to help you prepare for the Math Exams.

What are the Math Exams?

All incoming Harris master's students with the exception of those in the MACRM and MAIDP programs must take the mandatory math exams on Monday, September 23, 2019, starting at 9:45 a.m.  The exams ensure students have the necessary quantitative skills in preparation for the statistics and microeconomics courses in the Core. 

These exams will cover both algebra and calculus material and are a degree requirement. Students who pass-out of the algebra coursework during Math Camp will not be required to sit for the algebra portion of the exams.

If you do not pass one or both of the math exams before the start of Autumn Quarter, you will need to enroll in a non-credit math course during autumn quarter (PPHA 30101 Math Methods: Algebra, PPHA 30102 Math Methods: Calculus). Class meeting times/days will be announced prior to registration. There is no tuition and there are no fees associated with these courses, and they are designed to prepare you for the math exams, which will be re-administered in Winter Quarter. Math Methods courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Should I Attend the Math Camp?

Math Camp is held in September and is designed to prepare students who want to study or review algebra and calculus principles prior to the math exams. Many students take advantage of the program, but you know yourself best and will likely be able to determine how much additional preparation you will need for the math exams. If you want to keep working full-time through most of September or do not believe that you need three weeks of review, feel free to just come for Welcome Week.


All incoming Masters students (except MACRM and MAIDP) should take and self-report your scores for the algebra and calculus self-assessments. The self-assessments will give you a sense of how much preparation you need for the math exams and will identify the topics in which you need the most help. Self-reported scores should be submitted by June 14th.

It's best if you can take the entire self-assessment in one sitting, during the indicated 90-minute time limit, so find a quiet space with no notes or calculators. Score your self-assessments using the grading guides.


Please submit your scores to the self-assessments here.

Additional Preparation

Some incoming students who have not used mathematics skills recently find it beneficial to enroll in a college level algebra or calculus course in a local college or through online course platforms. Should the mathematics principles encountered in the mathematics self-assessment be less familiar, we highly recommend taking a course locally before coming to Harris for Math Camp. If you are not able to take a course, you could review algebra and calculus content through online tutorial websites like Khan Academy.

In addition, the Jumpstart Program is a two-week customized program designed specifically for enrolling students that have a limited quantitative background prior to joining Harris. Acceptance into the program is based on invitation.

Study Resources

Supplemental study materials, including online lectures, practice materials, will help you review material covered in the self-assessment and prepare you for Math Camp and the math exams.

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