August 30 - September 17, 2021


Harris Math & Coding Camp is a three-week review course designed to ensure that incoming Master’s students are proficient in the mathematical and coding concepts needed to successfully navigate the Core Curriculum.

Math & Coding Camp also prepares students for the mandatory Math Exam during Welcome Week. Course work is supplemented with additional orientation programming and community building to ensure that participants have a smooth transition to Harris. Make sure you're prepared for the program and the math exam!


Registration for the 2021 Math & Coding Camp will open in spring 2021.


Math & Coding Camp will occur from August 30 through September 17, 2021. Coursework will be scheduled for weekdays, with each day will include lecture-style reviews of mathematical and coding concepts, TA review sessions, and office hours.

In 2021, we will offer both in-person and virtual options for participants, barring changes in public health requirements. When registering participants will choose from one of two options:

  • Section 1, In-Person: 1:00-4:30pm Chicago Time
  • Section 2, Virtual-Only: 6:00-10:00pm Chicago Time

The in-person section will include hybrid Math and instructor-out Coding lectures , and live in-person TA sessions for both the Math and Coding sessions. The virtual-only section will take place entirely over Zoom. Space in Section 1 will be limited to ensure proper social distancing in classrooms.

Instructional Mode Definitions:

  • Hybrid: Combines in-person and virtual participants in one synchronous environment. The instructor will rotate classrooms throughout the week; students who are not in the instructor’s room on a particular day will login via Zoom to participate.
  • Instructor-out: Students watch live lectures through Zoom, in the classroom with their peers, while the instructor lectures remotely.
  • In-person: Teaching and participation both occur live and in the classroom.
  • Virtual only: Teaching and participation occur entirely remotely and over Zoom.

Additional orientation programming will also be offered during Math & Coding Camp to ensure that participants have a smooth transition into Harris.

Detailed schedule will be released in summer 2021. 


The Math & Coding Camp curriculum incorporates the elements of algebra, calculus, applied math, and introductory coding in R to prepare you for success in the core curriculum. The Math & Coding Camp curriculum is also aligned to the knowledge and skills needed to pass the mandatory Math Exam. Curious what skills will be included in Math & Coding Camp? Check out the topic list below.

Check out the Math & Coding topic lists below.