We are so pleased to welcome you to our community this fall. We know the process of applying to graduate school can be overwhelming, so we wanted to provide you with a key information checklist, important dates, and a month-by-month breakdown of what you should do, and can expect, over the next few months. We strongly recommend exploring the International Student Page, as it contains much valuable information.

Or, download a simplified New International Student Checklist.

Key Information

Important Dates
Please note: some programming is required, so pay close attention to what programs you must attend

Month-by-Month Checklist


During the month of April, continue familiarizing yourself with all the University of Chicago and Harris has to offer, but also learn about the visa interview process and the documents you will need to submit in the month of May: 


Finish and submit important documentation for the University of Chicago:

  • Complete your I-20/DS-2019 Request Form and submit the documents required for an I-20 (F Visa) or DS-2019 (J Visa)
  • Allow 1–2 weeks for OIA to review your documents – the OIA reviews documents in the order they are received. No expedite requests will be granted
  • The OIA will notify you by e-mail if your documents are incomplete
  • OIA will contact you once your documents are ready to be sent
  • Be on the lookout for events and webinars that will be helpful to you


Prepare for your visa interview and make sure you are aware of deadlines and communications being sent from dayone@uchicago.edu


We hope your visa interview goes well. Stay connected with Harris and your future classmates: 

  • Wow! Time is going by quickly – I thought this blog post would never end! 
  • Have you connected with other students arriving using Facebook or other social media? We’re getting so excited to meet everyone. 
  • Let us know how your visa interview goes 
  • Plan all the fun things you will do in Chicago once you arrive


Students begin arriving on campus and participating in pre-orientation programs: 


You are finally here and classes begin:

  • Welcome Week – September 23 - September 27 
  • First Week of Classes – October 1 


  • Do not book your travel until you have your immigration documents confirming your Program Start Date. Program Start Dates cannot be adjusted based on travel needs. 
  • Make sure you claim your CNET ID and set up your UChicago email. Important communications will be coming to this email account, so you need to check it regularly. Please note, your CNET ID must be claimed by June 1, 2019.
  • Read all of the information on the OIA website. We understand it is very detailed and probably a little overwhelming, but it is your best resource for important information.
  • When it comes to immigration policies - always, always, always follow the advice of our talented OIA staff. 
  • Remember, your case is unique. If “a friend” gives you advice or experiences a different process than you, we can only discuss your case.
  • Most importantly, it is our hope that you have a smooth arrival into the United States. Following all of the detailed instructions above will help with that, but remember we are always here to help. Email harrisadmissions@uchicago.edu if you have any questions or concerns.