August 30 - September 17, 2021


The goal of the Mathematical Methods program is to review and develop the majority of the mathematics that will be used during the core courses of the PhD and MACRM programs. 

All incoming Harris PhD and MACRM students are required to participate in the Mathematical Methods program. The treatment of topics will be semi-rigorous: in coursework, students will prove the simpler results but not the more advanced results. Students will not receive an official grade for this course but will take grade quizzes throughout the course.

Students should review the text Real and Convex Analysis before entering the program.  This text is the main reference for the course and be download for free from Springer.


Although the program is required for all PhD and MACRM students, they will need to register.  Registration will open in spring 2021.


The Mathematical Methods program will occur from August 31 through September 17, 2021. Coursework will be scheduled for weekdays, with each day will include lecture-style reviews of mathematical concepts and a recitation session.

Additional orientation programming will also be offered during the Mathematical Methods program to ensure that participants have a smooth transition into Harris.

Detailed schedule will be released in summer 2021.