We understand that finances are a major concern for most students. The Office of Admissions has gathered the below information to help you during your decision-making process. We will also continue to host webinars during the next few weeks to help answer your questions. Please review the important dates below concerning financial aid for admitted students and the FAQ specifically about funding your education at Harris.


Mark your calendar for these important dates concerning your admission to Harris.
  • Mid-February – we plan to release admission decisions and merit-based scholarships for Round One Applications. Early Action decisions and scholarships have already been released.
  • March 2 – we will host Admitted Students Day at Ida Noyes Hall. We encourage all admitted students to register as space is limited. We will provide travel reimbursements for up to $300 for hotel and airfare after the event for admitted students who attend the Admitted Students Day.
  • March 5 – we will open the Scholarship Reconsideration Form for students who would like to request a review of their merit-based scholarship. Students can complete the form and submit additional information they would like reviewed. Further instructions will be available when the form is open. We plan to review forms and provide updated decisions every two weeks. Students who need a decision earlier due to the requirements of a third-party scholarship (World Bank, Naval Academy) can email [email protected] detailing the third-party scholarship they are applying to and the deadline for that scholarship.
  • April 16 – deposit deadline for Early Action and Round One. Our goal is for students to have all the necessary information so they may feel confident in their graduate school decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Still have questions? Email Admissions or attend an upcoming webinar to have them answered.

I’ve already been admitted to Harris, what should I be doing now?

Great question! In addition to learning more about career opportunities through our Career Development Outcomes Report and attend our webinar with Career Development on February 13 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Central), we also encourage you to work on completing your FAFSA. Visit this page for more information on the FAFSA, including the FAFSA code. Please direct all FAFSA-related inquiries to our Student Loan Administration (SLA) and they will be happy to help guide you through the process. You may find information on SLA here

I understand the form to request a review of my scholarship will not be available until March, but what information should I be preparing to submit?

Students are required to complete a short essay confirming why they would like their scholarship reviewed, as well as additional information such as updated transcripts, test scores, resumes, letters of recommendation, or other scholarship offers.

I do not currently have any additional offers or updated information, but I’m very eager to have my scholarship reconsidered now. Can I instead submit two essays?

Careful consideration went into each merit-based scholarship awarded to incoming students. Students requesting additional scholarship funds must have new or updated information they are sharing with Admissions. We will not review requests before March unless students must meet the requirements of a third-party scholarship, or have an earlier deposit deadline at an alternative school. We encourage you to also review third-party funding sources for funds. You can read more about Third-Party funding here.

I’m interested in applying for additional scholarships. Do you have any recommendations on scholarships I should apply for?

We strongly encourage students seeking additional aid to review the information on Third Party funding. You can find information on the Harris website and the UChicago website.

Can you confirm the total cost of tuition at Harris?

Tuition for each division at UChicago is listed on the Bursar’s office website. The rates for Harris can be found here. Harris rates are for all graduate programs offered at Harris – including the MSCAPP, MACRM, and MSESP. The current cost for three courses (the typical amount taken each quarter) is $15,780.00. Students complete three quarters a year, for a total tuition of $47,340. Please note, tuition typically increases 3-5% each year. The 2018-2019 updated tuition is not usually received until June and the other fees are updated later in the Summer. Students who take more or less than three courses can see the different tuition amounts here. Students should also review the terms of their scholarship and how it may fluctuate if taking less than three courses.

What are the additional expenses I can expect beyond tuition?

We encourage students to view the Housing and Dining Rates, and Graduate Quarterly Fees and Occasional Fees at bottom of the page here. Information on Student Health Insurance can be found here; students who have coverage can waive this fee. This includes quarterly student life fees of $388 and a lifetime-transcript fee of $75. Please view all of the listed fees. The University calculates an average cost of living and uses the formula to determine loan eligibility. You can find more information on the Estimated Cost of Attendance website. 

I understand the cost of tuition and additional fees, but what should I expect to pay for housing and personal expenses?

This can vary largely and depends on each student’s personal choices. Some students may choose to live in high-cost of living areas throughout the city, and personal expenses vary greatly based on each student’s lifestyle. International students will receive confirmation of the estimated costs needed for their I-20 documents in late Spring.

I am applying for the CONACYT scholarship. What important information do I need to know?

Students from Mexico who apply to Harris are considered for the CONACYT scholarship. Mexico's National Council on Science and Technology and Harris offer up to 15 full scholarships for Mexican nationals per year who have been admitted into the MPP or PhD programs at Harris. If you believe you may qualify for this program we encourage you to review the information on their website.

What if I am a joint degree student? How will that work?

If you are enrolled in a joint degree program, your scholarship is pro-rated in the final year of study for the number of courses required to complete the Harris School degree. The scholarship is awarded only when in residence at the Harris School. Your scholarship may also be pro-rated and revised depending on the joint program you are pursuing and the tuition you are paying. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information. 

I have the Segal award and am eligible for the match. I received a merit-based scholarship from Harris. Does this include my Segal Match?

When awarding merit-based scholarships we review the student’s application confirming they have received the Segal. Students are then awarded the maximum amount they would be eligible for based on their service. Any additional scholarship funding the student receives is additional merit award. In short, the current merit amount listed on each’s students award letter includes both the Segal match and any additional merit the student was considered for.